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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit cb2e7004b96960fc3e5ec9c80df3d06c16318a3d
Author: Rich Salz <rsalz at akamai.com>
Date:   Fri Dec 5 13:58:08 2014 -0500

    Replace majordomo with mailman (hoo rah)


Summary of changes:
 support/community.wml |  102 +++++++++------------------------------------
 support/majordomo.cgi |  110 -------------------------------------------------
 2 files changed, 20 insertions(+), 192 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100755 support/majordomo.cgi

diff --git a/support/community.wml b/support/community.wml
index c770e42..fdd06cf 100644
--- a/support/community.wml
+++ b/support/community.wml
@@ -3,12 +3,13 @@
 <title>Support, Mailing Lists</title>
-<h1>Temporary Mailing List Freeze</h1>
+<h1>Mailing List Update</h1>
-We are freezing modifications to the mailing list for a couple of
-days while we move to a new mail server and mail system.
-We expect to have the new system up and running by 30 November.
-Thank you for your patience.
+We have moved all mailing lists over from to a new server and
+using <a href="http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/">MailMan</a>.
+If you find any issues please contact postmaster at openssl.org.
+We will be installing better certificates and DNS names as soon as possible.
 <h1>OpenSSL Mailing Lists</h1>
@@ -20,47 +21,34 @@ id=red>majordomo</tt><tt>@openssl.org</tt>.
-Here is an overview of the available mailing lists:
+Here is an overview of the public mailing lists.
+Anyone can join.
 <table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2 border=0>
-   <td><b id=sf>List Address</b></td>
-   <td><b id=sf>Subscription</b></td> 
-   <td><b id=sf>Posting</b></td> 
+   <td><b id=sf>List </b></td>
    <td><b id=sf>Usage</b></td> 
    <td><hr noshade size=1></td>
    <td><hr noshade size=1></td>
-   <td><hr noshade size=1></td>
-   <td><hr noshade size=1></td>
-   <td><a href="mailto:openssl-announce at openssl.org">openssl-announce</a></td>
-   <td>open</td> <td>core team</td> 
-   <td>Official Project Announcements</td>
+   <td>openssl-announce</td>
+   <td>Official Project Announcements; low-volume read-only.</td>
-# <tr>
-#    <td><a href="mailto:openssl-core at openssl.org">openssl-core</a></td>
-#    <td>closed</td> <td>subscribers</td> 
-#    <td>Internal Core Team Discussions</td>
-# </tr>
-   <td><a href="mailto:openssl-cvs at openssl.org">openssl-cvs</a></td>
-   <td>open</td> <td>subscribers</td>
-   <td>Git (formerly CVS) Repository Messages</td>
+   <td>openssl-commit</td>
+   <td>Commits to the source repository; read-only</td>
-   <td><a href="mailto:openssl-dev at openssl.org">openssl-dev</a></td>
-   <td>open</td> <td>subscribers</td>
-   <td>Discussions on development of the OpenSSL library. Not for application
-   development questions!</td>
+   <td>openssl-dev</td>
+   <td>Discussions on development of the OpenSSL library.
+   This is not the place for application development questions!</td>
-   <td><a href="mailto:openssl-users at openssl.org">openssl-users</a></td>
-   <td>open</td> <td>subscribers</td>
-   <td>Application Development, OpenSSL Usage, Installation Problems,
+   <td>openssl-users</td>
+   <td>Application Development, installing and configure OpenSSL,
@@ -75,58 +63,8 @@ https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/openssl-testing
-To easily subscribe/unsubscribe to/from those lists, use the following form to
-drop an appropriate Email to Majordomo.  After Majordomo received your
-request, it will respond to the entered Email address with an authority
-challenge which has to send back again for security reasons (to avoid that
-others subscribe you without your ok).  So entering the Email address of
-someone else in the form below is useless, of course.
-<form action="/cgi-bin/majordomo.cgi" method="GET">
-<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2 border=0 bgcolor="#cccccc"><tr><td>
-<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=4 border=0 bgcolor="#f0f0f0">
-<td colspan=3><font id="sfl">Mailing List Subscription</font></td>
-<input type=checkbox checked name="action" value="subscribe"> subscribe<br>
-<input type=checkbox name="action" value="unsubscribe"> unsubscribe<br>
-<td colspan=2>
-<div id=sf>Enter your Email address here:</div><br>
-<input type=text name="email" size=35 value="your at address.dom">
-<input type=checkbox checked name="list" value="announce"> openssl-announce<br>
-<input type=checkbox checked name="list" value="users"> openssl-users
-<input type=checkbox name="list" value="dev"> openssl-dev<br>
-<input type=checkbox name="list" value="cvs"> openssl-cvs
-<td align=right valign=bottom> 
-<div id=sf><input type=submit value="Send to Majordomo!"></div>
-If you don't trust the above form or want to do it manually, you can contact
-Majordomo directly, of course.  To subscribe to one of the mailing list, just
-send an Email to <tt id=red>majordomo</tt><tt>@openssl.org</tt> with the
-following text in the <i>body</i> (the subject is not important and can be
-empty): ``<tt>subscribe openssl-</tt><i id=red>name</i>   <i
-id=red>your at address.dom</i>'' But please remember this cookie: ``Internet is a
-wonderful mechanism for making a fool of yourself in front of a very large
-audience''.  So start thinking already with your subscription and <b>don't</b>
-send it to the list addresses, please. Actually the above form is provided
-mainly to avoid this common and nasty mistake. 
+To join any list, visit
+<a href="https://mta.opensslfoundation.net">https://mta.opensslfoundation.net</a>.
diff --git a/support/majordomo.cgi b/support/majordomo.cgi
deleted file mode 100755
index 26cb29d..0000000
--- a/support/majordomo.cgi
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,110 +0,0 @@
-##  majordomo.cgi -- Send a mail to Majordomo
-use HTML::Entities;
-#   switch to unbuffered I/O
-#   generate a webpage
-sub send_page {
-    my ($text) = @_;
-    $O = '';
-    $O .= "Content-type: text/html\n" .
-          "Connection: close\n" .
-          "\n";
-    open(FP, "</v/openssl/web/support/majordomo.head.html");
-    $O .= $_ while (<FP>); 
-    close(FP);
-    $O .= $text;
-    open(FP, "</v/openssl/web/support/majordomo.foot.html");
-    $O .= $_ while (<FP>); 
-    close(FP);
-    print $O;
-#   let us catch runtime errors...
-eval {
-$path_info = $ENV{'PATH_INFO'};
-$query_string = $ENV{'QUERY_STRING'};
-if ($ENV{'REQUEST_METHOD'} eq 'POST') {
-    $query_string = '';
-    while (<STDIN>) { $query_string .= $_; }
-%qs = ();
- at pairs = split(/&/, $query_string);
-foreach $pair (@pairs) {
-    my ($name, $value) = split(/=/, $pair);
-    $value =~ s/%([a-fA-F0-9][a-fA-F0-9])/pack('C', hex($1))/eg;
-    if ($qs{$name} ne '') {
-        $qs{$name} .= ",$value";
-    }
-    else {
-        $qs{$name} = $value;
-    }
-#   check for parameter consistency
-die "You supplied to Email address." 
-    if ($qs{email} eq '');
-die "Hmmm... <tt>your\@address.dom</tt> is certainly not correct, friend." 
-    if ($qs{email} eq 'your at address.dom');
-die "The Email address you entered doesn't look like a valid RFC822 mail address."
-    if ($qs{email} !~ m|.+ at .+|);
-die "At least one list has to be selected."
-    if ($qs{list} eq '');
-die "At least one action has to be selected."
-    if ($qs{action} eq '');
-die "Bogus action!"
-    if ($qs{action} ne 'subscribe' and $qs{action} ne 'unsubscribe');
-#   generate mail
-$mail = '';
-$mail .= "From: nobody\@openssl.org\n";
-$mail .= "Reply-To: $qs{email}\n";
-$mail .= "Subject: Subscription to OpenSSL mailing list(s)\n";
-$mail .= "To: majordomo\@openssl.org\n";
-$mail .= "\n";
-foreach $list (split(/,/, $qs{list})) { 
-    die "Bogus listname!"
-        if ($list ne 'announce' and $list ne 'users' and $list ne 'dev' and $list ne 'cvs');
-    $mail .= "$qs{action} openssl-$list $qs{email}\n";
-#  send out mail
-# open(MAIL, "| /usr/sbin/sendmail -oi -oee majordomo\@openssl.org");
-# print MAIL $mail;
-# close(MAIL);
-#  generate result page
-	"Mailing list changes are current frozen for a couple of days " .
-	"while we upgrade the mail system. Thank you for your" .
-	"patience.\n"
-#   die gracefully
-#   ...the runtime error handler:
-if ($@) {
-    my $text = $@;
-    $text =~ s|at /.*||;
-    &send_page(
-        "A fatal error occured while processing the ingredients of your" .
-        "Majordomo-request.  Please check the error message below, go back to" .
-        "the form and fix the problem." .
-        "<p>\n" .
-        "<font color=\"#cc3333\"><b>$text</b></font>\n"
-    );

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