[openssl-commits] [openssl] master-pre-auto-reformat create

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Mon Feb 9 13:14:09 UTC 2015

The annotated tag master-pre-auto-reformat has been created
        at  9fd62bd141af640af7482d017e89382b389bb669 (tag)
   tagging  22b52164aaed31d6e93dbd2d397ace041360e6aa (commit)
  replaces  master-pre-reformat
 tagged by  Matt Caswell
        on  Mon Feb 9 13:11:01 2015 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Pre run of automated reformating script on master

Reviewed-by: Richard Levitte <levitte at openssl.org>

Andy Polyakov (20):
      bn/rsaz_exp.c: make it indent-friendly.
      apps/speed.c: make it indent-friendly.
      apps/srp.c: make it indent-friendly.
      engines/e_ubsec.c: make it indent-friendly.
      bn/bn_recp.c: make it indent-friendly.
      bn/bntest.c: make it indent-friendly.
      crypto/cryptlib.c: make it indent-friendly.
      crypto/mem_dbg.c: make it indent-friendly.
      modes/cts128.c: make it indent-friendly.
      modes/gcm128.c: make it indent-friendly.
      modes/modes_lcl.h: make it indent-friendly.
      bn/bn_exp.c: make it indent-friendly.
      bn/bn_asm.c: make it indent-friendly.
      bn/asm/x86_64-gcc.cL make it indent-friendly.
      bn/bn_const.c: make it indent-friendly.
      ec/ecp_nistz256.c: harmonize with latest indent script.
      modes/cfb128.c: make it indent-friendly.
      modes/ctr128.c: make it indent-friendly.
      crypto/ofb128.c: make it indent-friendly.
      ec/ecp_nistz256.c: further harmonization with latest rules.

Dr. Stephen Henson (4):
      Script fixes.
      Test option -nc
      Add -d debug option to save preprocessed files.
      Delete trailing whitespace from output.

Matt Caswell (21):
      Further comment changes for reformat (master)
      More comments
      Yet more comments
      Fix source where indent will not be able to cope
      Provide script for filtering data initialisers for structs/unions. indent just can't handle it.
      Fix make errors
      Fix logic to check for indent.pro
      Fix indent issue with engine.h
      Fix indent issue with functions using STACK_OF
      More indent fixes for STACK_OF
      indent has problems with comments that are on the right hand side of a line.     Sometimes it fails to format them very well, and sometimes it corrupts them!     This commit moves some particularly problematic ones.
      Fix strange formatting by indent
      Add obj_dat.h to the list of files that will not be processed by     openssl-format-source
      Manually reformat aes_core.c     Add aes_core.c to the list of files not processed by openssl-format-source
      Amend openssl-format-source so that it give more repeatable output
      Fix indent comment corruption issue
      Manually reformat aes_x86core.c and add it to the list of files skipped by     openssl-format-source
      Add ecp_nistz256.c to list of files skipped by openssl-format-source
      Move more comments that confuse indent
      Tweaks for comments due to indent's inability to handle them
      More tweaks for comments due indent issues

Richard Levitte (3):
      Force the use of our indent profile
      Run expand before perl, to make sure things are properly aligned
      Make the script a little more location agnostic

Tim Hudson (1):
      Provide source reformating script. Requires GNU indent to be     available.


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