[openssl-commits] [openssl] OpenSSL_1_0_2-stable update

Rich Salz rsalz at openssl.org
Sun Jun 26 02:09:16 UTC 2016

The branch OpenSSL_1_0_2-stable has been updated
       via  345b8400c1798b32300b212fbcb117a46d9f6fab (commit)
      from  58b18779ba6e6060ac357cd0803d83317ed00f8b (commit)

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 345b8400c1798b32300b212fbcb117a46d9f6fab
Author: Rich Salz <rsalz at openssl.org>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 22:09:05 2016 -0400

    Revert "RT2964: Fix it via doc"
    This reverts commit 58b18779ba6e6060ac357cd0803d83317ed00f8b.
    Reviewed-by: Dr. Stephen Henson <steve at openssl.org>


Summary of changes:
 doc/crypto/OBJ_nid2obj.pod | 10 ----------
 1 file changed, 10 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/crypto/OBJ_nid2obj.pod b/doc/crypto/OBJ_nid2obj.pod
index 7388f20..1e45dd4 100644
--- a/doc/crypto/OBJ_nid2obj.pod
+++ b/doc/crypto/OBJ_nid2obj.pod
@@ -33,12 +33,6 @@ functions
 The ASN1 object utility functions process ASN1_OBJECT structures which are
 a representation of the ASN1 OBJECT IDENTIFIER (OID) type.
-For convenience, OID's are usually represented in source code as numeric
-identifiers, or B<NID>'s.  OpenSSL has an internal table of OID's that
-are generated when the library is built, and their corresponding NID's
-are available as define'd constants.  For the functions below, application
-code should treat all returned values -- OID's, NID's, or names -- as
 OBJ_nid2obj(), OBJ_nid2ln() and OBJ_nid2sn() convert the NID B<n> to 
 an ASN1_OBJECT structure, its long name and its short name respectively,
@@ -118,7 +112,6 @@ Create a new NID and initialize an object from it:
  int new_nid;
  ASN1_OBJECT *obj;
  new_nid = OBJ_create("", "NewOID", "New Object Identifier");
  obj = OBJ_nid2obj(new_nid);
@@ -136,9 +129,6 @@ Instead B<buf> must point to a valid buffer and B<buf_len> should
 be set to a positive value. A buffer length of 80 should be more
 than enough to handle any OID encountered in practice.
-Many of the functions here should probably be changed to return B<const>
-pointers. But the lack of consistency makes that too awkward to do.
 OBJ_nid2obj() returns an B<ASN1_OBJECT> structure or B<NULL> is an

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