[openssl-commits] [openssl] OpenSSL_1_0_2g create

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Tue Mar 1 13:58:00 UTC 2016

The annotated tag OpenSSL_1_0_2g has been created
        at  de4cfc08f3089d3a1f9d1eefb74850468c9a51a2 (tag)
   tagging  902f3f50d051dfd6ebf009d352aaf581195caabf (commit)
  replaces  OpenSSL_1_0_2f
 tagged by  Matt Caswell
        on  Tue Mar 1 13:36:54 2016 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
OpenSSL 1.0.2g release tag

Andy Polyakov (14):
      ms/uplink-x86.pl: make it work.
      util/mk1mf.pl: use LINK_CMD instead of LINK variable.
      perlasm/x86_64-xlate.pl: pass pure constants verbatim.
      modes/ctr128.c: pay attention to ecount_buf alignment in CRYPTO_ctr128_encrypt.
      evp/e_des[3].c: address compiler warnings, fix formatting.
      evp/e_des3.c: address compiler warning.
      Makefile.shared: limit .dll image base pinning to FIPS builds.
      ec/asm/ecp_nistz256-x86_64.pl: get corner case logic right.
      modes/asm/ghash-x86_64.pl: refine GNU assembler version detection.
      bn/bn_exp.c: constant-time MOD_EXP_CTIME_COPY_FROM_PREBUF.
      bn/asm/rsax-x86_64.pl: constant-time gather procedure.
      bn/asm/rsaz-avx2.pl: constant-time gather procedure.
      crypto/bn/x86_64-mont5.pl: constant-time gather procedure.
      bn/asm/x86_64-mont5.pl: unify gather procedure in hardly used path     and reorganize/harmonize post-conditions.

Corinna Vinschen (1):
      Don't strip object files on Cygwin

Daniel Kahn Gillmor (1):
      RT4129: BUF_new_mem_buf should take const void *

David Woodhouse (1):
      RT4175: Fix PKCS7_verify() regression with Authenticode signatures

Dr. Stephen Henson (5):
      Backport SHA2 support for capi engine
      if no comparison function set make sk_sort no op
      Switch to FIPS implementation for CMAC.
      Fix double free in DSA private key parsing.

Emilia Kasper (2):
      RT 3854: Update apps/req
      CVE-2016-0798: avoid memory leak in SRP

FdaSilvaYY (3):
      GH714: missing field initialisation
      Fix possible memory leak on BUF_MEM_grow_clean failure
      Fix two possible leaks

Hubert Kario (1):
      GH554: Improve pkeyutl doc

Kurt Roeckx (4):
      Fix CHANGES entry about DSA_generate_parameters_ex
      Restore xmm7 from the correct address on win64
      Revert "Don't check RSA_FLAG_SIGN_VER."
      Fix invalid free

Matt Caswell (13):
      Prepare for 1.0.2g-dev
      Correct value of DH_CHECK_PUBKEY_INVALID
      Add missing return value checks
      Fix bug in nistp224/256/521 where have_precompute_mult always returns 0
      Add have_precompute_mult tests
      Handle SSL_shutdown while in init more appropriately #2
      Fix memory issues in BIO_*printf functions
      Fix BN_hex2bn/BN_dec2bn NULL ptr/heap corruption
      Add a test for SSLv2 configuration
      Update CHANGES and NEWS for new release
      Ensure mk1mf.pl is aware of no-weak-ssl-ciphers option
      make update
      Prepare for 1.0.2g release

Rich Salz (2):
      GH102: Add volatile to CRYPTO_memcmp
      GH611: s_client help message bug

Richard Levitte (2):
      Correct number of arguments in BIO_get_conn_int_port macro
      Recognise Cygwin-x86_64 in config

Viktor Dukhovni (5):
      Fix pkeyutl/rsautl empty encrypt-input/decrypt-output handling
      Fix missing ok=0 with locally blacklisted CAs
      Disable SSLv2 default build, default negotiation and weak ciphers.
      Bring SSL method documentation up to date
      Disable EXPORT and LOW SSLv3+ ciphers by default


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