[openssl-commits] SUCCESSFUL build of OpenSSL branch master with options -d --strict-warnings enable-sctp

OpenSSL run-checker openssl at openssl.org
Tue Aug 29 13:15:07 UTC 2017

Platform and configuration command:

$ uname -a
Linux run 4.4.0-77-generic #98-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 26 08:34:02 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
$ CC=clang ../openssl/config -d --strict-warnings enable-sctp

Commit log since last time:

5889102 Make the global DRBGs static
0b14a5b Don't auto-instantiate a DRBG when trying to use it and it's not
b231717 Avoid out-of-bounds read
302eba3 If 'tests' is disabled, then so should 'external-tests'
6969a3f DRBG: Remove 'randomness' buffer from 'RAND_DRBG'
4871fa4 RAND: Rename the RAND_poll_ex() callback and its typedef
aa048ae DRBG: clarify difference between entropy counts and buffer lengths
b2db9c1 MSC_VER <= 1200 isn't supported; remove dead code

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