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Sun Jul 23 22:00:00 UTC 2017

The branch master has been updated
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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit a1099821f9937717f92464056d80f2e303a73a4d
Author: Paul Yang <yang.yang at baishancloud.com>
Date:   Mon Jul 10 00:55:38 2017 +0800

    Update documentation for SSL_is_server()
    Reviewed-by: Paul Dale <paul.dale at oracle.com>
    Reviewed-by: Matt Caswell <matt at openssl.org>
    (Merged from https://github.com/openssl/openssl/pull/3893)


Summary of changes:
 doc/man3/SSL_set_connect_state.pod | 17 +++++++++++++++--
 1 file changed, 15 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/man3/SSL_set_connect_state.pod b/doc/man3/SSL_set_connect_state.pod
index e6a0f1d..d747927 100644
--- a/doc/man3/SSL_set_connect_state.pod
+++ b/doc/man3/SSL_set_connect_state.pod
@@ -2,7 +2,8 @@
 =head1 NAME
-SSL_set_connect_state, SSL_set_accept_state - prepare SSL object to work in client or server mode
+SSL_set_connect_state, SSL_set_accept_state, SSL_is_server
+- functions for manipulating and examining the client or server mode of an SSL object
 =head1 SYNOPSIS
@@ -12,12 +13,16 @@ SSL_set_connect_state, SSL_set_accept_state - prepare SSL object to work in clie
  void SSL_set_accept_state(SSL *ssl);
+ int SSL_is_server(const SSL *ssl);
 SSL_set_connect_state() sets B<ssl> to work in client mode.
 SSL_set_accept_state() sets B<ssl> to work in server mode.
+SSL_is_server() checks if B<ssl> is working in server mode.
 =head1 NOTES
 When the SSL_CTX object was created with L<SSL_CTX_new(3)>,
@@ -39,11 +44,19 @@ using L<SSL_write_ex(3)>, L<SSL_write(3)>, L<SSL_read_ex(3)>, or L<SSL_read(3)>,
 the handshake routines must be explicitly set in advance using either
 SSL_set_connect_state() or SSL_set_accept_state().
+If SSL_is_server() is called before SSL_set_connect_state() or
+SSL_set_accept_state() is called (either automatically or explicitly),
+the result depends on what method was used when SSL_CTX was created with
+L<SSL_CTX_new(3)>. If a generic method or a dedicated server method was
+passed to L<SSL_CTX_new(3)>, SSL_is_server() returns 1; otherwise, it returns 0.
 SSL_set_connect_state() and SSL_set_accept_state() do not return diagnostic
+SSL_is_server() returns 1 if B<ssl> is working in server mode or 0 for client mode.
 =head1 SEE ALSO
 L<ssl(7)>, L<SSL_new(3)>, L<SSL_CTX_new(3)>,
@@ -54,7 +67,7 @@ L<SSL_CTX_set_ssl_version(3)>
-Copyright 2001-2016 The OpenSSL Project Authors. All Rights Reserved.
+Copyright 2001-2017 The OpenSSL Project Authors. All Rights Reserved.
 Licensed under the OpenSSL license (the "License").  You may not use
 this file except in compliance with the License.  You can obtain a copy

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