[openssl-commits] SUCCESSFUL build of OpenSSL branch master with options -d --strict-warnings no-dtls1_2-method

OpenSSL run-checker openssl at openssl.org
Wed Mar 1 10:09:09 UTC 2017

Platform and configuration command:

$ uname -a
Linux test 4.4.0-64-generic #85-Ubuntu SMP Mon Feb 20 11:50:30 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
$ CC=clang ../openssl/config -d --strict-warnings no-dtls1_2-method

Commit log since last time:

43f9e0a Code health: Remove base address setting for mingw
a00b956 Add AGL's "beer mug" PEM file as another test input
e8cee55 Add test corpus for PEM reading
5ea564f Code health: Quick note in changes and the OPENSSL_GLOBAL et al changes
9c5e87b Code health: With the VAX C-ism gone, OPENSSL_GLOBAL can be removed too
6cef801 Code health: Remove another VAX C-ism, globaldef and globalref
77baccd Code health: make update
96bc5d0 Code health: Remove VAX exceptions in util/mkdef.pl
38a322a Code health: Remove unused VAX transfer vector for engines
629192c Exdata test was never enabled.
d5aa14d Remove memcpy unrolling in bn_lib.c
c26f655 Remove support for HMAC_TEST_PRIVATE_KEY_FORMAT
a2b22cd Remove GENCB_TEST compile flag
4d118fe Fix test_ssl_new when compiled with no-tls1_2 or no-dtls1_2
e9ee653 Fix sslapitest when compiled with no-tls1_2
c5055ad Revert rc4test removal, it performs additional tests not in evptests.txt
a633f26 Remove some commented out code in the tests
38f2837 Remove some commented out code in libssl
7f517c2 Remove some commented out code in libcrypto
9fa36f5 Remove some commented out code in the apps
816060d Remove more redundant tests: md4, md5, rmd, rc4, p5_crpt2
a7ab975 Remove a pointless "#ifndef" from bf_enc.c
6bb9006 Remove bf_cbc.c
6faa345 Update year, wording tweak
cec7dfc Remove the file r160test.c
a2121e1 Remove wp_test.c: exactly the same tests are in evptests.txt
1fef2f8 Remove dead code in bn
2722ff5 Remove some #if 0 code in ssl, crypto/bio
14097b6 Code health: Stop using timeb.h / ftime() (VMS only)
e627a13 Code health: Remove obvious VAX C fixups
8a05d6b More Configure cleanup. Remove - util/incore - util/fipslink.pl - the unused "baseaddr" configure switch
b53338c Clean up references to FIPS
223a90c Remove BN_DEBUG_TRIX
e546e2c Remove debugging leftovers in apps/opt.c
533b178 Avoid buffer underflow in evp_test.
fa7e9ed Remove unnecessary memset after PR #2583 avoids accessing the uninitialized session_id now.
44e2d45 Move the CHIL engine to demos/engines
df15c84 Remove some dead code from libssl
9d70ac9 Code cleanup: remove the VMS specific reimplementation of gmtime
5c2ee53 Remove dead code in crypto/pkcs7
ebc354a Remove methtest.c
d86f2f2 Remove ancient demoCA directory
9664512 Renumber to avoid a error code clash

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