[openssl-commits] SUCCESSFUL build of OpenSSL branch master with options -d --strict-warnings no-ct

OpenSSL run-checker openssl at openssl.org
Sat Mar 4 00:08:17 UTC 2017

Platform and configuration command:

$ uname -a
Linux test 4.4.0-64-generic #85-Ubuntu SMP Mon Feb 20 11:50:30 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
$ CC=clang ../openssl/config -d --strict-warnings no-ct

Commit log since last time:

dbaa069 use OSSLzu instead of lu format for size_t display
d734582 Reset executable bits on files where not needed.
f2bcff4 Update the cipher(1) documentation to explicitly state that the RSA cipher string means the same a kRSA.
332dc4f sh_malloc & sh_free prototype change to match POSIX
42f50fd Silence some more clang warnings
30d1bab Silence some clang warnings
83750d9 More early data documentation updates following feedback
cd9f7f6 Update the API documentation for the latest early data changes
09f2887 Update early data API for writing to unauthenticated clients
0665b4e Rename SSL_write_early() to SSL_write_early_data()
f533fbd Rename SSL_read_early() to SSL_read_early_data()
ef466ac Updates to the early data documentation
ade1e88 Updates to s_server and s_client for the latest early_data API changes
3eaa417 Make SSL_write_early_finish() an internal only function
5f98203 Add early_data tests
f7e393b Various fixes required to allow SSL_write/SSL_read during early data
d7f8783 Enable the server to call SSL_write() without stopping the ability to call SSL_read_early()
564547e Enable the client to call SSL_read() without stopping the ability to call SSL_write_early()
4004ce5 Introduce a new early_data state in the state machine
bc908c6 Improve the early data sanity check in SSL_do_handshake()
6437b80 Add documentation for the new s_client and s_server early_data options
0a5ece5 Tighten sanity checks when calling early data functions
fd6c102 Add documentation for the early data functions
f5b519c Make SSL_get_early_data_status() take a const
46dcb94 Make SSL_get_max_early_data() and SSL_CTX_get_max_early_data() take a const
fcc4757 Add a SSL_SESSION_get_max_early_data() function
7daf715 Don't attempt to write more early_data than we know the server will accept
f637004 Only accept early_data if the negotiated ALPN is the same
a832b5e Skip early_data if appropriate after a HelloRetryRequest
38df5a4 Don't accept early_data if we are going to issue a HelloRetryRequest
538bea6 Add extra validation parsing the server-to-client early_data extension
329114f Remove some TLSv1.3 TODOs that are no longer relevant
2c604cb Validate the ticket age for resumed sessions
6746648 Ensure the max_early_data option to s_server can be 0
bfa9a9a Provide a default value for max_early_data
70ef40a Check max_early_data against the amount of early data we actually receive
67f78ea Make sure we reset the read sequence when skipping records
1010936 Disallow handshake messages in the middle of early_data
c117af6 Fix seg fault when sending early_data using CCM ciphersuites
576eb39 Get s_client to report on whether early data was accepted or not
b2cc7f3 Implement client side parsing of the early_data extension
e065518 Add a "-early_data" option to s_server
fe5e20f Fix changing of the cipher state when dealing with early data
1ea4d09 Construct the server side early_data extension
d781d24 Provide an SSL_read_early() function for reading early data
6cb4226 Change the cipher state when sending early data
d49e23e Implement the early data changes required in tls13_change_cipher_state()
923ac82 Add an option to s_client to send early_data
0a87d0a Parse the early_data extension
a4f376a Construct the early_data extension
49e7fe1 Provide functions to write early data
5d5b3fb Parse the ticket_early_data_info extension
29fac54 Teach SSL_trace() about the early_data_info extension
048b189 Add a -max_early_data option to s_server
3fc8d85 Construct the ticket_early_data_info extension
73fb82b Remove ref to err(7), update copyright.
51f5930 -precert doesn't work when configured no-ct, don't try to test it then
a4c5f85 Fix the skip numbers in 80-test_ca.t
b661175 Use the built in boolean type for CompressionExpected
439db0c Add compression tests
f33f9dd Fix a compression bug
c19602b Ensure that we never select compression in TLSv1.3
398b0bb Add LDAP support (RFC 4511) to s_client ("-starttls ldap")
8cfc21f Configurations/10-main.conf: omit redundant -lresolv from Solaris configs.
3e49ee2 bio/b_addr.c: omit private hstrerror.
ea750b5 aes/aes_x86core.c: clarify reference implementation status.
5908555 evp/e_aes_cbc_hmac_{sha1|sha256}.c: tag reference code.
36907ea CHANGES: mention CFI annotations.
eac5414 bn/asm: clean up unused PA-RISC modules.
604c853 des/des_locl.h: clean up unused/irrelevant macros.
a3004c8 Check for zero records and return immediately
fd74aba appveyor.yml: streamline pull requests.
2844308 Configurations/50-masm.conf: add /nologo to ml64 command line.
45632ee Add NOTES.UNIX, with a description on how to deal with runpaths

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