[openssl-commits] SUCCESSFUL build of OpenSSL branch master with options -d --strict-warnings enable-sctp

OpenSSL run-checker openssl at openssl.org
Thu Mar 30 04:46:27 UTC 2017

Platform and configuration command:

$ uname -a
Linux run 4.4.0-64-generic #85-Ubuntu SMP Mon Feb 20 11:50:30 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
$ CC=clang ../openssl/config -d --strict-warnings enable-sctp

Commit log since last time:

c141782 bio/b_print.c: fix %z failure in 32-bit build.
6e6aa5a Add a simple test for the z modifier
1bcf7d4 Use the z modifier instead of OSSLzu with BIO_printf
1e53a9f Add z modifier parsing to the BIO_printf et all format string
6edc714 cipherbytes_test: remove unused includes
8ab9af5 engines/e_capi.c: slip in PROV_RSA_AES for interchangable CSP only.
3a5b64b engines/e_capi.c: adhere to CryptAcquireContextW unconditionally.
8f0e588 engine/e_capi.c: more formatting and styling fixes.
d7735c1 Documentation cleanup for man1/nseq.pod
829e4d5 Documentation clean up for man1/list.pod
209fac9 doc: Add stitched ciphers to EVP_EncryptInit.pod
254b58f doc: Add missing options in s_{server,client}
dc8da7b Fix the build warning under OPENSSL_NO_GOST
cff55b9 Cleaning UEFI Build with additional OPENSSL_SYS_UEFI flags
0acee50 Further de-obfuscation
8c55c46 Add documentation for SNI APIs
a01dbac Remove duplicate doc
69687aa More typo fixes
7bd2789 Typo in SSL_CTX_sess_number.pod - started
edb79c3 Tidy up the SSL options in SSL_CTX_set_options.pod
3aaa1bd SSL_CTX_use_PrivateKey_file uses private key, not certificate
d5d5b5f Typo in SSL_CONF_cmd_argv.pod
f5f85f7 Typo in SSL_CONF_CTX_set1_prefix.pod - change SSL_CTX_cmd to SSL_CONF_cmd
818f861 Typo in SSL_CONF_CTX_set_flags.pod
2fae041 Test infrastructure additions.

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