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Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Wed Aug 22 08:20:06 UTC 2018

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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 60246d07484ce72139483e7bbcc52c7b45a3b408
Author: Matt Caswell <matt at openssl.org>
Date:   Tue Aug 21 15:30:13 2018 +0100

    Update the support contracts page
    In accordance with an OMC vote
    Reviewed-by: Tim Hudson <tjh at openssl.org>
    (Merged from https://github.com/openssl/web/pull/71)


Summary of changes:
 support/contracts.html | 93 +++++++++++---------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 20 insertions(+), 73 deletions(-)

diff --git a/support/contracts.html b/support/contracts.html
index 0651184..7f35804 100644
--- a/support/contracts.html
+++ b/support/contracts.html
@@ -15,7 +15,9 @@
 	    <a href="/community/contacts.html">OpenSSL Software Services</a>
 	    offers three different types of support contract.  If you
 	    have specific requirements not addressed by any of these plans,
-	    or for more information, discuss custom arrangements.</p>
+	    or for more information, please contact us at
+	    <a href="mailto:osf-contact at openssl.org">osf-contact at openssl.org</a> to
+	    discuss custom arrangements.</p>
 	    <p>Please see the <a href="#definitions">list of definitions</a>
 	    at the bottom of the page for the definitions used below.</p>
@@ -25,11 +27,11 @@
 	      Enterprise Level Support</dt>
 	      <dd>Designed for the large enterprise utilising OpenSSL
 	      extensively in product lines or critical infrastructure.</dd>
-	      <dt><a href="#vendor"><dt>Vendor</a> Support</dt>
+	      <dt><a href="#vendor">Vendor</a> Support</dt>
 	      <dd>Designed for organisations requiring support of product
 	      lines using OpenSSL or for customised in-house versions of
-	      <dt><a href="#basic"><dt>Basic</a> Support<dt>
+	      <dt><a href="#basic">Basic</a> Support<dt>
 	      <dd>Basic technical support for application development shops or
 	      end users.</dd>
@@ -38,102 +40,47 @@
 	    <h3><a name="premium">Premium Level Support</a></h3>
 	    <p>US$50,000 annually</p>
-	      <li>All technical support requests handled directly by a Designated Responder
-	      <li>24x7x365 availability
-	      <li>Four Support Administrators
-	      <li>Unlimited Service Requests
-	      <li>Custom patch preparation and creation
-	      <li>OpenSSL FIPS Object Module support included
-	      <li>FIPS validation support
+	      <li>A custom support contract designed to meet the needs of a specific Enterprise customer
+	      <li>Exact costs will depend on the terms of the agreed support contract
-	    <p>The premium support plan is designed for the large enterprise
+	    <p>The premium support plan is intended for the large enterprise
 	    using OpenSSL as an essential component of multiple products or
 	    product lines or in support of in-house or commercially provided
-	    services. Many prospective Premium Level customers have already
-	    hired individual OpenSSL team members for specific tasks. The
-	    typical large enterprise customer has a capable in-house technical
-	    staff but still finds it cost-effective to engage the world class
-	    talent of OpenSSL authors and maintainers.  Customisation of
-	    OpenSSL by prospective Schedule A customers is common, as are
-	    "private label" FIPS 140-2 validations.</p>
-	    <p>Note we don't expect to sell very many of the premium support
-	    plans, but those few customers will receive careful attention for
-	    both immediate problems and long range strategic interests.</p>
+	    services. The typical large enterprise customer has a capable in-house
+	    technical staff but still finds it cost-effective to engage OpenSSL
+	    authors and maintainers directly.</p>
 	    <h3><a name="vendor">Vendor Level Support</a></h3>
-	    <p>US$20,000 annually</p>
+	    <p>US$25,000 annually</p>
-	      <li>Institutional Response with escalation to Designated Responder as appropriate.
-	      <li>12x5 availability
-	      <li>Two Support Administrators
+	      <li>Email response
 	      <li>Limit of four Service Requests per month
-	      <li>Custom patch preparation
-	      <li>OpenSSL FIPS Object Module support included
-	      <li>FIPS validation support excluded
+	      <li>Patch preparation
+	      <li>Two Support Administrators
 	    <p>This plan is designed for the medium enterprise using OpenSSL
 	    for a single product or product line. The prospective Vendor Level
 	    Support customer has a proficient technical staff but no specific
-	    expertise in cryptography or OpenSSL. Technical support is
-	    provided for use of the unmodified OpenSSL FIPS Object Module, but
-	    not for validations of derivative software.</p>
+	    expertise in cryptography or OpenSSL.</p>
 	    <h3><a name="basic">Basic Support</a></h3>
-	    <p>US$10,000 annually</p>
+	    <p>US$15,000 annually</p>
-	      <li>Institutional Response only
-	      <li>8x5 availability
+	      <li>Email response
+	      <li>Limit of one Service Requests per month
 	      <li>One Support Administrator
-	      <li>Limit of one unique Service Request per month
-	      <li>OpenSSL FIPS Object Module support excluded
-	      <li>FIPS validation support excluded
 	    <p>This plan is designed for the medium to small enterprise
-	    relying on stock OpenSSL for significant products or services and
+	    relying on standard OpenSSL for significant products or services and
 	    lacking internal resources for effectively addressing all
 	    operational and application development issues.</p>
 	    <h3><a name="definitions">Support Terms</a></h3>
-	      <dt>Customer Contacts</dt>
-	      <dd>Customer personnel familiar with the customer's software
-	      environment coordinating technical support correspondence
-	      between the customer and OSF personnel for a specific service
-	      request.  The Customer Contacts are the sole liaisons for such
-	      technical correspondence with the OSF.  It is recommended that
-	      the Customer Contacts be knowledgeable about the customer
-	      environment and use of the OpenSSL software and have an
-	      understanding of the problem for which support services are
-	      requested.</dd>
-	      <dt>Designated Responder</dt>
-	      <dd>All technical support is provided by OpenSSL team members or
-	      their close collaborators in the OpenSSL developer community.  A
-	      designated responder is an OpenSSL team member directly handling
-	      a support request and communicating directly with the Customer
-	      Contact.</dd>
-	      <dt>Institutional Response</dt>
-	      <dd>Technical support correspondence originating or reviewed by
-	      one or more OpenSSL team members but communicated indirectly by
-	      other OSF personnel.</dd>
 	      <dt>Patch Preparation</dt>
 	      <dd>The preparation of a patch changeset from existing changes
 	      committed to the OpenSSL source code repository.</dd>
-	      <dt>Patch Creation</dt>
-	      <dd>The coding of new source code modifications or additions not
-	      already committed to the OpenSSL source code repository.  The
-	      resolution of problems identified in the OpenSSL software itself
-	      will generally be resolved by committing the code modifications
-	      to the OpenSSL source code repository; such modifications
-	      automatically define a patch.  For support plan options custom
-	      software modifications may be performed that are specific to the
-	      customer environment.  Such custom modifications will not be
-	      committed to the publicly available source code repository and
-	      will be delivered to the customer as custom patches.</dd>
 	      <dt>Service Request</dt>
 	      <dd>A specific request for support initiated by a Support
 	      Administrator and assigned a service request number by the

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