[openssl-commits] SUCCESSFUL build of OpenSSL branch master with options -d --strict-warnings enable-asan no-shared -DOPENSSL_SMALL_FOOTPRINT

OpenSSL run-checker openssl at openssl.org
Mon Dec 17 22:34:01 UTC 2018

Platform and configuration command:

$ uname -a
Linux run 4.4.0-135-generic #161-Ubuntu SMP Mon Aug 27 10:45:01 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
$ CC=clang ../openssl/config -d --strict-warnings enable-asan no-shared -DOPENSSL_SMALL_FOOTPRINT

Commit log since last time:

fc5ecaddd0 man: harmonize the various formulations in the HISTORY sections
6e94b5aecd Convert tls1_prf_P_hash to use the EVP_MAC interface
5c587fb6b9 Use (D)TLS_MAX_VERSION_INTERNAL internally
91c5473035 ERR: preserve system error number in a few more places
9a3b5b7664 Fixes #7879: AES-SIV to use EVP_MAC APIs
4128136a28 Add missing OPENSSL_clear_free before using ec->key
55833a8de7 add missing check for BN_mod_inverse
4fea7005c3 fix inconsistent flen check in rsa_pk1 and rsa_oaep
ee4afacd96 Ignore duplicated undocumented things
e436664828 VMS build: better treatment of .S -> .obj compilation
00eb879f74 doc/man3: remove copy&paste leftover
829800b073 Use the correct function name
7a8a35ff0c Fix error in processing $target{enable}
143b631639 Fixed typo (vi leftover).
b1ceb439f2 Add RFC5297 AES-SIV support
6de98b4fb6 Add an Ed448 malleability test
08afd2f37a Disallow Ed448 signature malleability
275a7b9e5e typo ANS1 -> ASN1
72818ef005 util/mkdef.pl: Remove a ';' that snuck in
539ea812c7 Configuration: $config{shlib_version_number} -> $config{shlib_version}
07f434441e apps/tsget.in: use the full version in the user agent string
d1c87578a2 VMS: fix library compatibility settings in util/mkdef.pl
2bafe6cfed eng_devcrypto: add command to dump driver info
166261a5e9 eng_devcrypto: add configuration options
b2db94d1d0 eng_devcrypto: save ioctl if EVP_MD_..FLAG_ONESHOT
16e252a01b eng_devcrypto: make sure digest can do copy
b5015e834a eng_devcrypto: fix ctr mode
6d99e23839 eng_devcrypto: add cipher CTX copy function
a67203a19d eng_devcrypto: close session on cleanup, not final
ae8183690f eng_devcrypto: fix copy of unitilialized digest
4d9f996544 eng_devcrypto: expand digest failure cases
d9d4dff5c6 eng_devcrypto: don't leak methods tables
eb3fe0ee54 INSTALL: add note about devcrypto engine
7ffb7fbe8c Document the num_tickets s_server option
3cb4e7dc1c Preserve errno on dlopen
71b1ceffc4 Make sure build_SYS_str_reasons() preserves errno
f2f734d4f9 make update
a8bf2f8f24 Prevent calling decryption in an encryption context and vice versa
1057c2c39f Cleaner disposal of ephemeral engine ids and names
9b34028187 Eliminate NOP cast
73ff6d6847 change into hex string constants to avoid overflow warnings
ec91206fbe Add a format attribute to the format functions and fix the broken format strings.
5db120dc35 Fix const issues
bda1f0c0d6 Avoid const castaway warning
d8adf68cd6 Use a const variable
8343229bc4 Use the proper fonst cast
82f518acee don't pass const string where a modifyable string is expected
706a8af015 add missing "void" in prototype.
15f77f2cae add missing const in cast
4b6ae3c3c2 add missing const
f53537b1fa use the proper types to eliminate casts
91d0fd1c27 err/err.c: improve err_clear_last_constant_time's portability.
97c213814b Update kmac.c
16942e081e Configure: fix the version string in the configure output
d26d2cfe95 Remove all NOEXIST symbols from ordinals files
3b39185880 make update
bfc3b4ffd6 util/perl/OpenSSL/Ordinals.pm: introduce a base version
ad0b144b8a util/perl/OpenSSL/Ordinals.pm: use OpenSSL::Util::cmp_versions
257ab867d0 util/perl/OpenSSL/Ordinals.pm: shift to dotted versions internally
d6c3c1896c apps: print Kernel TLS in s_client and s_server
42ea4ef2db CHANGES: Add Linux Kernel TLS data-path
fe5d945028 sslapitest: add test ktls
50ec750567 ssl: Linux TLS Tx Offload
ecd1557fb4 evp/e_aes: Expose IV
6ba76c4f23 bio: Linux TLS Offload
69495e3df5 Configure Kernel TLS datapath
fe3ad3aee3 Linux ktls infrastructure
a860031621 Make EVP_PKEY_asn1_add0() stricter about its input
95b7926bc3 Only include opensslconf.h once
5d609f22d2 Remove the cast from the definition of OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER
56bc3ea0a4 Doc: fix reference to deprecated methods.

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