[openssl-commits] SUCCESSFUL build of OpenSSL branch master with options -d --strict-warnings no-sock

OpenSSL run-checker openssl at openssl.org
Thu Mar 15 15:38:06 UTC 2018

Platform and configuration command:

$ uname -a
Linux run 4.4.0-116-generic #140-Ubuntu SMP Mon Feb 12 21:23:04 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
$ CC=clang ../openssl/config -d --strict-warnings no-sock

Commit log since last time:

35a164e Fix no-ec
65865cb Fix test_out_option
d35b2c7 util/add-depends.pl: sort the dependency files
346149c Fix an error number clash
fa25763 Put the default set of TLSv1.3 ciphersuites in a header file
7482690 Fix clienthellotest for new TLSv1.3 ciphersuite configuration
2b527b9 Update CHANGES with details of TLSv1.3 ciphersuite configuration
9d2674c Add documentation for TLSv1.3 ciphersuite configuration
e54b3cc Update s_time to be allow configuration of TLSv1.3 ciphersuites
f865b08 Split configuration of TLSv1.3 ciphers from older ciphers
5b68d17 Update version numbers for TLSv1.3 draft-26
27e462f Only allow supported_versions in a TLSv1.3 ServerHello
3295d24 Use the TLSv1.3 record header as AAD
95ea8da Remove '-Wextra' as default user flags for the Linux clang targets
d3313a1 Windows build file: make sure to quote
18f8e44 Remove the temporary file in case it wasn't renamed
4ba5ce6 Remove debugging prints from util/add-depends.pl
ebea0f3 Configurations/*.conf: overhaul Android targets.
b3e02d0 ec/curve25519.c: resolve regression with Android NDK's arm64 gcc.
7747a49 store/loader_file.c: rename variables causing conflicts with Android NDK.
249b4e2 Refactor the 'depend' target
3b855b1 update SRP copyright notice
d3bc941 openssl rehash: no more need to massage the files on VMS
a5829ae Adjust LPdir_unix.c on VMS for OpenSSL expectations
86a227e CONF inclusion test: Add VMS specific tests
4f7c840 CONF: On VMS, treat VMS syntax inclusion paths correctly
c130c0f Free the correct type in OBJ_add_object()
61cd0c9 Fix enable-ssl-trace
3fa2812 Introduce SSL_CTX_set_stateless_cookie_{generate,verify}_cb
4718f44 Improve error handling in pk7_doit
e45b4dd Add OIDs for DSTU-4145
aaaa6ac Don't negotiate TLSv1.3 with the ossl_shim
df0fed9 Session Ticket app data
f1c00b9 mem_sec.c: portability fixup.
b38fa98 Fix propotype to include the const qualifier
3266cf5 Fixed a handful of typos
78a50c7 Configurations/10-main.conf: VC-<target> cleanups.
a23f031 Configurations/unix-Makefile.tmpl: overhaul assembler make rules.
5de20b2 Configurations/descrip.mms.tmpl: Fix small errors
846e4c4 Configure: catch the build tree configdata.pm
906032d Configure: don't mangle the directory again when checking DEPEND inclusion
4917e91 RAND_DRBG: add a function for setting the reseeding defaults
9ad9794 Attempt to fix boringssl tests
d114285 Document more X509_STORE functions
379cc08 Fix doc-nits
ee36b96 Reuse extension_is_relevant() in should_add_extension()
b0143b9 Fix type error in PEM processing
37933ac Add SSL/SSL_CTX_use_cert_and_key()
5936e88 Configurations/50-win-onecore.conf: add Windows 10 OneCore targets.
6a145a3 Configurations/windows-makefile.tmpl: simplify install-path "flavour"-ing.
c059564 Configurations/10-main.conf: amend out-dated comments.
b971b05 Restore the display of options with 'openssl version -a'
58d6be5 Display the library building flags
68b8bcf Configure et al: Move the definition of library only flags
0244234 speed: add ecdhx448 to ecdh choices
d47eaaf Fixed a spelling mistake in ASN1_TIME_set.pod
e440f51 Give more information in the SSL_stateless return code
532f957 Test the new PSK behaviour
4a192c7 Update documentation for the new PSK behaviour
f3d40db Fallback on old style PSK callbacks if the new style ones aren't present
e73c6ea Tolerate TLSv1.3 PSKs that are a different size to the hash size
a7fb4fa Make OCSP "multi" compatible with "no-sock" builds.
9300f07 Remove useless -D_ENDIAN from MPE/iX-gcc config
9967a9e Reduce travis-ci log output
fb174fa Configure: correct the check of env vars vs command line flags
2bd3b62 Make a few more asm modules conform: last argument is output file
b920136 Configure: disallow the mixture of compiling flags and env / make variables
310f28d Configurations/README: update documentation on flags
150624b Configure et al: get rid of last traces of plib_lflags / PLIB_LDFLAGS
2ab92ae config: Pass diverse flags to Configure via the environment
72d7f22 Configurations/10-main.conf: Duplicate cflags to cxxflags
b6954f3 Add space to asoutflag value where appropriate
abe256e Make "make variables" config attributes for overridable flags
48dcca2 Configure et al: rename all dso_* to module_* in shared-info.pl
d420729 Duplicate entries ssl_handshake_tbl trace entries...
082193e Fix issues in ia32 RDRAND asm leading to reduced entropy
83918ad Fixed several readability issues in DH_generate_parameters.pod

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