SUCCESSFUL build of OpenSSL branch master with options -d --strict-warnings no-tls1_2-method

OpenSSL run-checker openssl at
Mon Aug 19 17:22:25 UTC 2019

Platform and configuration command:

$ uname -a
Linux run 4.15.0-54-generic #58-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jun 24 10:55:24 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
$ CC=clang ../openssl/config -d --strict-warnings no-tls1_2-method

Commit log since last time:

e0249827b3 Fix --strict-warnings build
3ce46435e6 Test for out-of-bounds write when requesting zero bytes from shake
a890ef833d Directly return from final sha3/keccak_final if no bytes are requested
5be78a88aa .travis.yml: Use travis_terminate on failure
cae665dfa6 Fix error handling in X509_chain_up_ref
bcc0025d0b Windows UWP builds: determine automatically if asm should be disabled
653b883b97 Fix 9bf682f which broke nistp224_method
92d9d0ae2b Rename ctx_{get,set}_params to {get,set}_ctx_params
356461fbbb Ignore function code collisions
467b8e5675 Re-implement 'openssl list -mac-algorithms'
d1cafb083d Implement EVP_MAC_do_all_ex()
7dd0f29938 Add EVP_MAC_provider()
bb31895d87 Rename the hash implementations KMAC{128,256} to KECCAK_KMAC{128,256}
810a1d0320 OSSL_PARAM_construct_from_text(): handle non-hex octet string input
f73eb733ee Adjust some provider reason codes
25446a66b6 Adapt the MAC tests, and tests for other things that use EVP_MAC
776796e818 Adapt diverse code to provider based MACs.
d747fb2ec5 Adapt apps/mac.c to use provider based MACs
6a4f9cd113 Remove init of MACs from EVP
ae0b6b9203 Move Poly1305 to providers
4657693d9e Move SipHash to providers
e23cda000e Move KMAC to providers
5183ebdcf5 Move HMAC to providers
d33313be44 Move GMAC to providers
2e5db6ad84 Move CMAC to providers
55a0a117e7 Move BLAKE2 MACs to the providers
e74bd29053 Prepare EVP_MAC infrastructure for moving all MACs to providers
3ded2288a4 OPENSSL_s390xcap.pod: list msa9 facility bit (155)
58c35587ea s390x assembly pack: accelerate ECDSA
9bf682f62b Enable curve-spefific ECDSA implementations via EC_METHOD
1461e66706 s390x assembly pack: accelerate scalar multiplication
9baa4d5f4c fix comment
5bf2eade55 Test SSL_set_ciphersuites
52b1fda302 Fix SSL_set_ciphersuites to set even if no call to SSL_set_cipher_list
bf9d6bb83d INSTALL: clarify documentation of the --api=x.y.z deprecation option
2a17758940 Fix syntax error for the armv4 assembler
dca97d0062 Rename provider and core get_param_types functions
9f643f5423 crypto/engine/eng_openssl.c: define TEST_ENG_OPENSSL_RC4_P_INIT conditionally
ec02412b54 Add {get,set}table_params() functions for provider digests
ad623ec0cb Modify 'openssl list' to give more verbose descriptions
ae3ff60e7b Add missing EVP param utility functions
aee6e29f0e Access data after obtaining the lock not before.
d954227611 If we are multiblock capable make sure we use it
48102247ff Add missing EBCDIC strings
86333b6e0c Add description in X509_STORE manipulation
91cb81d40a BIO_lookup_ex: Do not retry on EAI_MEMORY
7f616a00e9 BIO_lookup_ex: Always retry the lookup on failure with AI_NUMERICHOST set
23ccf13dd6 30-test_evp.t: make the tested configs depend on what's been built
697b0c5185 Fix doc example code to follow coding style
5acb2be58b HMAC: use EVP_MD_flags(), not EVP_MD_meth_get_flags()
f1d3df3e69 Adapt the provider digests for more use of OSSL_PARAM
3d214461bf Rework the provider digest constructor to provide implementation get_params
6a3b7c6887 Adapt diverse EVP_MD functions to use get_params and set_params interfaces
2893111fc6 Make more use of OSSL_PARAM for digests
246a1f3dfa Add OSSL_PARAM_construct_from_text() and OSSL_PARAM_allocate_from_text()
82bd7c2cbd Add OPENSSL_hexstr2buf_ex() and OPENSSL_buf2hexstr_ex()
a42cb4ba8a enable DECLARE_DEPRECATED macro for Oracle Developer Studio compiler
853094dbe1 Configurations/unit-Makefile.tmpl: Don't clean away dotted files
3c74e77bd8 Remove some duplicate words from the documentation
c04a9916d4 Fix windows compile errors in params.c
3119c84976 Add a clang-7 build target with --strict-warnings
1a2a3a4206 Extend tests of SSL_check_chain()
5235ef44b9 Fix SSL_check_chain()
db26ec8087 Fix test_key_exchange with no_tlsv1_2
53890ea27c Fix test_sslextension if TLSv1.2 has been disabled
20946b9465 Add TLS tests for RSA-PSS Restricted certificates
39d9ea5e50 Add Restricted PSS certificate and key
9bcc9f973b Ensure RSA PSS correctly returns the right default digest
d6dda392c1 use native atomic increment function on Solaris
ac5a61caf8 Add missing SIZE_MAX define for windows
bba0d270a6 Add a CHANGES entry for BN_generate_prime_ex
03b9393e15 Update documentation of BN_generate_prime_ex
28b4880b8b Merge probable_prime_dh_safe with bn_probable_prime_dh
3ce0566dab Add a parameter to probable_prime if we look for a safe prime
8c47e55ee6 mention what happens if OPENSSL_NO_RC2 is defined
c8edb04fac Restrict usage of bio_dgram_sctp_data only to DGRAM SCTP methods
861335001b make ecp_nistz256_point_add_vis3() local

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