[openssl] master update

shane.lontis at oracle.com shane.lontis at oracle.com
Thu Dec 19 07:56:16 UTC 2019

The branch master has been updated
       via  3ce3866389a82837aff169fe3643393367d724a2 (commit)
      from  31b59078c8245a4ee7f7fa4e6ea98bba7f9a29a5 (commit)

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 3ce3866389a82837aff169fe3643393367d724a2
Author: Shane Lontis <shane.lontis at oracle.com>
Date:   Thu Dec 19 17:50:50 2019 +1000

    Fix travis timeout by excluding arm64 gcc -fsanitize=address build
    Reviewed-by: Richard Levitte <levitte at openssl.org>
    Reviewed-by: Matthias St. Pierre <Matthias.St.Pierre at ncp-e.com>
    (Merged from https://github.com/openssl/openssl/pull/10639)


Summary of changes:
 .travis.yml | 9 +++++++++
 1 file changed, 9 insertions(+)

diff --git a/.travis.yml b/.travis.yml
index 3b2e0fde2f..86de07e68a 100644
--- a/.travis.yml
+++ b/.travis.yml
@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ compiler:
     - CONFIG_OPTS="" DESTDIR="_install"
+    # Note: This CONFIG_OPTS entry must match the value in the exclude: table below that contains env: CONFIG_OPTS , otherwise it will not find a match.
     - CONFIG_OPTS="no-asm -Werror --debug no-afalgeng no-shared enable-rc5 enable-md2 -fsanitize=address" LSAN_OPTIONS="report_objects=1"
     - CONFIG_OPTS="no-asm no-makedepend enable-buildtest-c++ --strict-warnings -D_DEFAULT_SOURCE" BUILDONLY="yes" CHECKDOCS="yes" GENERATE="yes" CPPFLAGS="-ansi"
@@ -150,6 +151,14 @@ matrix:
           compiler: gcc
         - arch: arm64
           os: osx
+        # arm64 times out when using -fsanitize=address
+        # The amd64 build should be sufficient to test this.
+        # Note: the env line must exactly match the env line from the build
+        # matrix above which contains the `-fsanitize=address` option.
+        # TODO: come up with a better way of doing this that is less error prone.
+        - arch: arm64
+          env: CONFIG_OPTS="no-asm -Werror --debug no-afalgeng no-shared enable-rc5 enable-md2 -fsanitize=address" LSAN_OPTIONS="report_objects=1"
     - env

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