SUCCESSFUL build of OpenSSL branch master with options -d --strict-warnings enable-ubsan -DPEDANTIC -DOPENSSL_SMALL_FOOTPRINT -fno-sanitize=alignment

OpenSSL run-checker openssl at
Wed May 22 11:16:35 UTC 2019

Platform and configuration command:

$ uname -a
Linux run 4.4.0-135-generic #161-Ubuntu SMP Mon Aug 27 10:45:01 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
$ CC=clang ../openssl/config -d --strict-warnings enable-ubsan -DPEDANTIC -DOPENSSL_SMALL_FOOTPRINT -fno-sanitize=alignment

Commit log since last time:

70b0b977f7 Change default RSA, DSA and DH size to 2048 bit
2c23689402 Revert "EVP_*Update: ensure that input NULL with length 0 isn't passed"
54af7f5502 Configure: for '-z defs', also check $config{cflags}
c04b66b18d Change SSL parameter SSL_session_reused const

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