[openssl] OpenSSL_1_1_1-stable update

tmraz at fedoraproject.org tmraz at fedoraproject.org
Tue May 12 17:25:48 UTC 2020

The branch OpenSSL_1_1_1-stable has been updated
       via  3ee36aa18253108a4aac304adfa19707edf56d50 (commit)
      from  69296e264e58334620f541d09a4e381ee45542d4 (commit)

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 3ee36aa18253108a4aac304adfa19707edf56d50
Author: Tomas Mraz <tmraz at fedoraproject.org>
Date:   Mon May 11 17:15:40 2020 +0200

    Replace misleading error message when loading PEM
    The error message "short header" when the end line
    of PEM data cannot be identified is misleading.
    Replace it with already existing "bad end line" error.
    Fixes #8815
    Reviewed-by: Ben Kaduk <kaduk at mit.edu>
    (Merged from https://github.com/openssl/openssl/pull/11793)
    (cherry picked from commit f523ca66612e6712f287aa4b4ed722a5f2d4d960)


Summary of changes:
 crypto/pem/pem_lib.c | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/crypto/pem/pem_lib.c b/crypto/pem/pem_lib.c
index 0d79f4aea0..093ba09aeb 100644
--- a/crypto/pem/pem_lib.c
+++ b/crypto/pem/pem_lib.c
@@ -809,7 +809,7 @@ static int get_header_and_data(BIO *bp, BIO **header, BIO **data, char *name,
         flags_mask = ~0u;
         len = BIO_gets(bp, linebuf, LINESIZE);
         if (len <= 0) {
             goto err;

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