SUCCESSFUL build of OpenSSL branch master with options -d --strict-warnings no-srp

OpenSSL run-checker openssl at
Sat Nov 21 12:20:00 UTC 2020

Platform and configuration command:

$ uname -a
Linux run 5.4.0-52-generic #57-Ubuntu SMP Thu Oct 15 10:57:00 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
$ CC=clang ../openssl/config -d --strict-warnings no-srp

Commit log since last time:

c34063d7a1 Add a test for setting, popping and clearing error marks
4e08ea6f11 Allow multiple nested marks
5b1d94c11c Fix some warnings from clang 10 in params.c
908c9fc7ed apps/pkcs12: Clean up the order in which many options are presented
09afbec94b e_loader_attic.c: Improve result handling of file_load_try_decode()
61dd4168f5 Allow for PKCS#12 input without MAC in p12_kiss.c and e_loader_attic.c
3a6df6bd5c e_loader_attic.c: Remove redundant 'pass phrase' sub-string from try_decode_PKCS12()
0c2c560cb9 apps/storeutl: Add error output in case of parse/decryption/mac errors in input files
852feb3bd8 apps/pkcs12: Really do not perform MAC in case -nomac
b84965aff0 apps/pkcs12: Do not prompt for password in case -nomac and -noenc/-nodes
bb57c90e6c Minor improvements of doc for ca and x509 app
279b61d0ca apps/pkcs12: Retain test output files
9c73e48a08 Minor cleanup of error output for various apps
c1097eecdf apps/ca: Minor code and doc cleanup
d7e498ac55 Deprecate RSA harder
b24d6c335d Rename internal drbg_ functions so they have an ossl_ prefix.
b68a947fd2 Rename SHA3 internal functions so they have an ossl_ prefix
5687afdf03 rename sha1_ctrl to ossl_sha1_ctrl.
1dc188ba0e Provide side RNG functions renamed to have an ossl_ prefix.
893d3df972 rename mac_key_* to ossl_mac_key_*
572e6df7db rename md5_block_asm_data_order to ossl_md5_block_asm_data_order
627b73cc72 Rename md5_sha1_* ossl_md5_sha1_*
3800cc6f4d DOC: Fix example in OSSL_PARAM_int.pod
f1d6670840 Swap to FIPS186-2 DSA generation outside of the FIPS module
c2bd8d2783 Swap to DH_PARAMGEN_TYPE_GENERATOR as the default outside of the FIPS module
d3d2c0dc68 Adapt ssltest_old to not use deprecated DH APIs
3105d84693 Extend the auto DH testing to check DH sizes
b6ae56fd27 Add some additional test certificates/keys
1b2a55ffa2 Add a entry for the "tmp_dh" functions/macros
33c39a0659 Add a test for the various ways of setting temporary DH params
0437309fdf Document some SSL DH related functions/macros
1072041b17 Return sensible values for some SSL ctrls
13c453728c Only disabled what we need to in a no-dh build
163f6dc1f7 Implement a replacement for SSL_set_tmp_dh()
9912be1b33 Remove deprecated functionality from s_server
8b7df247b7 Disable the DHParameters config option in a no-deprecated build
936d565768 Remove DH usage from tls_process_cke_dhe
184280971c Remove DH usage in tls_construct_server_key_exchange()
cb5a427acf Avoid the use of a DH object in tls_construct_cke_dhe()
1b2b475517 Deprecate SSL_CTRL_SET_TMP_DH and other related ctrls
1ee22dc268 Convert TLS ServerKeyExchange processing to use an EVP_PKEY
091f6074c5 Convert TLS auto DH parameters to use EVP_PKEY
2b93900e28 DOC: Rewrite the section on reporting errors in doc/man3/ERR_put_error.pod
e19c5a1064 CONF: Convert one last CONFerr() to ERR_raise()
01fe51578e Simplify util/err-to-raise
b06e70b868 Really deprecate the old NAMEerr() macros
bf57cab74b util/find-doc-nits: check podchecker() return value
c7d32b6ba5 util/ Make sure FILEVERSION and PRODUCTVERSION have four numbers
ef2a44eb31 NetBSD build fix.
ccbf3f90c4 DOC: Fixup the description of the -x509_strict option
4605c5ab47 Fix dsa securitycheck for fips.
e557d46333 Add documentation for EVP_PKEY2PKCS8/EVP_PKCS82PKEY
317b7c57e4 Fixup EVP-MAC-KMAC documentation
fce56f5b69 REF_PRINT: cast pointer to void to avoid warnings
3084b9d316 Document the provider KDF API.
e76a696273 test/endecoder_legacy_test.c: new test for legacy comparison
efb4667f72 Fix for better readability
322d56cd64 Fix a few github file references
a18cf8fc63 Remove -C option from x509 command
1696b8909b Remove -C from dhparam,dsaparam,ecparam
256d41d437 BIO: Undefine UNICODE in b_addr.c to get POSIX declaration of gai_strerror()
105d01f1eb crypto/provider_core.c: fix a couple of faulty ERR_raise_data() calls
a150f8e1fc CRYPTO: refactor ERR_raise()+ERR_add_error_data() to ERR_raise_data()
9311d0c471 Convert all {NAME}err() in crypto/ to their corresponding ERR_raise() call
31a6b52f6d EVP: Adapt EVP_PKEY2PKCS8() to better handle provider-native keys
0bb450fe2f DragonFlyBSD build fix and update.
a04400fc74 Remove unused helper functions EVP_str2ctrl() & EVP_hex2ctrl().
a7da4d488d [test/recipes] Split test_fuzz into separate recipes
9ce8e0d17e Optimize AES-XTS mode in OpenSSL for aarch64
c87a7f31a3 apps/passwd: remove the -crypt option.
93c87f745d rsa_test: add return value check
d8701e2523 Do not prepend $OPENSSL_CONF_INCLUDE to absolute include paths
368d9e030f Add ossl_is_absolute_path function to detect absolute paths
69d16b70cf Avoid duplicate ends_with_dirsep functions
122e81f070 test/recipes/30-test_evp_libctx.t: use fips-and-base.cnf
f49d486075 test/evp_libctx_test.c: use OSSL_ENCODER instead of i2d_PublicKey()
973a52ce01 test/endecode_test.c: Update to specify output structures
4227e504c8 Adapt libcrypto functionality to specify the desired output structure
c319b6276b PROV: Re-implement all the keypair encoders
0b9f90f504 ENCODER: Add tracing
b9a2afdfe6 ENCODER: Add output structure support for EVP_PKEY encoding
cd861ab73d ENCODER: Add support for OSSL_FUNC_encoder_does_selection()
8a98a507fb ENCODER: Add support for specifying the outermost output structure
45da4a0fc5 CORE: Add support for specifying the outermost object structure
6debc6ab74 Convert all {NAME}err() in providers/ to their corresponding ERR_raise() call
c48ffbcca1 SSL: refactor all SSLfatal() calls
e92519b5a6 SSL: refactor ossl_statem_fatal() and SSLfatal()
6849b73ccc Convert all {NAME}err() in ssl/ to their corresponding ERR_raise() call
9787b5b81f OSSL_STORE: Make sure the called OSSL_DECODER knows what to expect
8d8fee6400 PEM: Have pem_read_bio_key() set the OSSL_STORE expected type
35426b2f9c Restore the legacy implementation of PEM_read_bio_DHparams()
a5cc661645 TEST: Adapt test/endecoder_test.c
eb2f1b81a3 DH: Move the code to set the DH sub-type
4f2abe4378 Adapt libcrypto functionality to specify the desired input structure
2c090c1d1b PROV: Re-implement all the keypair decoders
de5008a407 DECODER: Add tracing
df65c06b59 DECODER: Add input structure support for EVP_PKEY decoding
67c91ca23e DECODER: Add support for OSSL_FUNC_decoder_does_selection()
ebfdb63d96 DECODER: Add support for specifying the outermost input structure
f7626d0bfa 25-test_x509.t: Re-add and improve a test on non-existence of ASN.1 parse errors
d718521fca cmp_msg.c: Use issuer of reference cert as default issuer entry in certTemplate
4757a34751 Add support for making all of KBKDF FixedInput fields optional.
2c90e80dec Remove some redundant error messages in the apps
8b0ec09934 Fix the reading of DSA parameters files using the dsaparam app
dee8eded24 Document pkcs12 alg NONE
acb934ff55 Clean up doc of -verify_email, -verify_hostname, and -verify_ip
d3d6f49dd0 openssl.pod: Improve doc of -verify_email, -verify_hostname, and -verify_ip
d55e448793 openssl-* Prevent newlines on empty engine_synopsis causing layout errors
d99c866774 Align order of options with apps/cmp.c; improve structuring of SYNOPSIS
3c9d6266ed apps/cmp.c: Improve order of -path option: just after -server
00eae3f9cf PEM: Always use PEM_def_callback() when cb == NULL in pem_read_bio_key()
457856f27a UI: Use OPENSSL_zalloc() in general_allocate_prompt()
ecd1550be9 Fix REF_PRINT_COUNT argument in ecx_key_free

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