SUCCESSFUL build of OpenSSL branch master with options -d --strict-warnings no-ec2m

OpenSSL run-checker openssl at
Fri Oct 2 08:26:59 UTC 2020

Platform and configuration command:

$ uname -a
Linux run 4.15.0-106-generic #107-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 4 11:27:52 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
$ CC=clang ../openssl/config -d --strict-warnings no-ec2m

Commit log since last time:

f21c9c64f5 EVP: use evp_pkey_ctx_is_legacy() to find what implementation to use
7d80985e17 Fix memory leak in req_cb() of x_req.c - handle distinguishing_id also with NO_SM2
746f367489 Fix some things the rename script didn't quite get right
d8652be06e Run the script
aedac96c11 Perl util to do with_libctx renaming
0129030639 der: _ossl prefix der_oid_ and der_aid_ functions
a55b00bdbc der: _ossl prefix DER functions
c4232b9edb rsa_mp_coeff_names should only have one entry in it for fips mode.
592dcfd3df prov: prefix all exposed 'cipher' symbols with ossl_
5b60f9c3e0 prov: prefix aes-cbc-cts functions with ossl_
13a574d8bb Allow nested indentation of labels (not only at line pos 1)
8e655da022 Extend exceptions for no SPC after trailing ';' in 'for (...;)'
df4ec39203 Document how to run positive and negative self-tests
4a24d6050b EC_GROUP_new_by_curve_name_with_libctx(): Add name of unknown group to error output
66066e1bba Prune low-level ASN.1 parse errors from error queue in der2key_decode() etc.
9032c2c11b 25-test_x509.t: Add test for suitable error report loading unsupported sm2 cert

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