SUCCESSFUL build of OpenSSL branch master with options -d --strict-warnings no-sm2

OpenSSL run-checker openssl at
Sat Apr 24 08:14:49 UTC 2021

Platform and configuration command:

$ uname -a
Linux run 5.4.0-70-generic #78-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 19 13:29:52 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
$ CC=clang ../openssl/config -d --strict-warnings no-sm2

Commit log since last time:

3e73111d13 ASN.1: Add some sanity checks for input len <= 0; related coding improvements
db76a35e26 tasn_dec.c: Add checks for it == NULL arguments; improve coding style
c0e724fcbe DOC: Clarify EVP_MAC_init() params vs. EVP_MAC_CTX_set_params()
5c42f7aa64 Use not file-wide ifndef
1fbf7079e7 STORE: Discard the error report filter in crypto/store/store_result.c
7aef200089 TEST: Adapt the EVP test
9cc97ddf3c Adapt our decoder implementations to the new way to indicate succes / failure
f99659535d ENCODER & DECODER: Allow decoder implementations to specify "carry on"
a2502862f6 Fix memory leak in X509_REQ
4e030ed45d apps/cmp.c: Fix double free on OSSL_CMP_CTX_set1_p10CSR() failure
2ec6491669 asn1: fix indentation
c4685815bf dsa: remove unused macro
42e7d043f0 srp: remove references to EVP_sha1()
3f700d4b95 pem: remove references to EVP_sha1()
e27fea4640 ocsp: remove references to EVP_sha1()
27344bb82a cms: remove most references to EVP_sha1()
192d500878 x509: remove most references to EVP_sha1()
6bcbc36985 test: fix double free problems.
efe8d69daa engine: fix double free on error path.
db78c84eb2 ts: fix double free on error path.
b06450bcf7 srp: fix double free,
4ecb19d109 params_dup: fix off by one error that allows array overreach.
1c0eede982 Improve ossl_cmp_build_cert_chain(); publish it as X509_build_chain()
a78c7c0bfe Flip ordering back
99adfa455c Fetch before get-by-name
606a417fb2 Fetch and free cipher and md's
c39352e4e4 Fix compile errors on s390.
72f649e061 Remove extra trailing semicolon
cd0aca5320 Update krb5 module to latest release
16b8862d80 PKCS12 etc.: Add hints on using -legacy and -provider-path options
ee203a87ff Add a test for OSSL_LIB_CTX_set0_default
978e323a4d Add the function OSSL_LIB_CTX_get0_global_default()
92b20fb8f7 Change the semantics of OSSL_LIB_CTX_set0_default() NULL handling
145a4c871d Remove a TODO(3.0) from keymgmt_lib.c
21d1994faf Don't worry about magic in the Makefile for 3.0
57e7401fc5 Fix some TODO(3.0) occurrences in ssl/t1_lib.c
b247113c05 Detect low-level engine and app method based keys
5ae52001e1 Remove crypt32.lib from C++Builder configuration
daf98015aa Link with uplink module
491a1e3363 Link with .def files
16f2a44435 Generate dependency information
96d4ec6724 Avoid more MSVC-specific C runtime library functions
6afb36342d Build resource files
5fee3fe276 Support DLL builds + Fix C RTL variants
c4f4cb14e3 Ensure cw32mt.lib and import32.lib are linked to in no-sock mode
55aa235e85 Document C++Builder usage in
d5a6b54b49 Replace "ld_wildcard_args" with "bin_lflags"
847f41d97c Add explanation + bugtracker link for quoted dependency workarounds
583a9f1f6b Use cmd.exe to export env vars before commands
f1ee757daa Resurrect and modernize C++Builder config
a8368d573e Avoid redirection to quoted filename
a75a87561b Generalize link rule in windows-makefile.tmpl
830cd025b1 Ensure at least one command if no dependencies
8557bdde48 Avoid quoting dependency filepaths in build tree
e15eff3aaa Generalize delimiter in archiver response file
118faf5ffe Avoid space between "-I" and include directory
23f3242ffe Move VS Tools configuration to VC-common target
1bb381227b Avoid "&&" in windows-makefile.tmpl
a4afa6c1d0 Add test for the IV handling of DES based ciphers
d6c6f6c51d Do IV reset also for DES and 3DES implementations
ae6f65ae08 Change the default MANSUFFIX
185e1aa226 Add DHX FIPS 186-4 domain parameter validation example

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