[openssl] OpenSSL_1_1_1j create

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Tue Feb 16 15:56:23 UTC 2021

The annotated tag OpenSSL_1_1_1j has been created
        at  ba90f266c71a821c041c1cbc9f86c4d9788d2359 (tag)
   tagging  52c587d60be67c337364b830dd3fdc15404a2f04 (commit)
  replaces  OpenSSL_1_1_1i
 tagged by  Matt Caswell
        on  Tue Feb 16 15:24:02 2021 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
OpenSSL 1.1.1j release tag


Armin Fuerst (1):
      apps/ca: Properly handle certificate expiration times in do_updatedb

Benjamin Kaduk (1):
      Remove unused 'peer_type' from SSL_SESSION

Bernd Edlinger (1):
      Prevent creating empty folder "../apps/include"

Billy Brumley (1):
      [crypto/dh] side channel hardening for computing DH shared keys (1.1.1)

David Carlier (3):
      CRYPTO_secure_malloc_init: BSD support improvements.
      OPENSSL_cpuid_setup FreeBSD PowerPC update
      OPENSSL_cpuid_setup FreeBSD arm update.

Dmitry Belyavskiy (1):
      Skip BOM when reading the config file

Dr. David von Oheimb (4):
      Update copyright years of auto-generated headers (make update)
      X509_cmp(): Fix comparison in case x509v3_cache_extensions() failed to due to invalid cert
      x509_vfy.c: Fix a regression in find_isser()
      check_sig_alg_match(): weaken sig nid comparison to base alg

Dr. Matthias St. Pierre (1):
      Add some missing committers to the AUTHORS list

Ingo Schwarze (1):
      Fix NULL pointer access caused by X509_ATTRIBUTE_create()

Jay Satiro (1):
      NOTES.WIN: fix typo

Matt Caswell (14):
      Prepare for 1.1.1j-dev
      Modify is_tls13_capable() to take account of the servername cb
      Test that we can negotiate TLSv1.3 if we have an SNI callback
      Ensure DTLS free functions can handle NULL
      Ensure SRP BN_mod_exp follows the constant time path
      Fix Null pointer deref in X509_issuer_and_serial_hash()
      Test that X509_issuer_and_serial_hash doesn't crash
      Refactor rsa_test
      Fix the RSA_SSLV23_PADDING padding type
      Fix rsa_test to properly test RSA_SSLV23_PADDING
      Don't overflow the output length in EVP_CipherUpdate calls
      Update CHANGES and NEWS for new release
      Update copyright year
      Prepare for 1.1.1j release

Nan Xiao (1):
      Fix typo in OPENSSL_malloc.pod

Ole André Vadla Ravnås (1):
      poly1305/asm/poly1305-armv4.pl: fix Clang compatibility issue

Rich Salz (1):
      Document OCSP_REQ_CTX_i2d.

Richard Levitte (7):
      GitHub CI: Add 'check-update' and 'check-docs'
      DOCS: Fix incorrect pass phrase options references
      Drop Travis
      configdata.pm: Better display of enabled/disabled options
      Configuration: ensure that 'no-tests' works correctly
      Configurations/descrip.mms.tmpl: avoid enormous PIPE commands
      VMS documentation fixes

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior (1):
      Configurations: PowerPC is big endian

Tim Hitchins (1):
      Fix typo in crl2pkcs documentation

Todd Short (1):
      Fix -static builds

Tomas Mraz (4):
      v3nametest: Make the gennames structure static
      Github CI: run also on repository pushes
      Fix regression in no-deprecated build
      CI: Add some legacy stuff that we do not test in GitHub CI yet

anupamam13 (1):
      Fix for negative return value from `SSL_CTX_sess_accept()`


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