SUCCESSFUL build of OpenSSL branch master with options -d --strict-warnings no-dh

OpenSSL run-checker openssl at
Mon Jan 25 08:22:22 UTC 2021

Platform and configuration command:

$ uname -a
Linux run 5.4.0-52-generic #57-Ubuntu SMP Thu Oct 15 10:57:00 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
$ CC=clang ../openssl/config -d --strict-warnings no-dh

Commit log since last time:

c9603dfa42 OCSP HTTP: Restore API of undocumented and recently deprecated functions
806990e7db OSSL_HTTP_REQ_CTX.pod: minor addition and remove redundant paragraph
046fba4493 OSSL_HTTP_REQ_CTX_new(): replace method_GET parameter by method_POST
cddbcf02f5 rename OSSL_HTTP_REQ_CTX_header to OSSL_HTTP_REQ_CTX_set_request_line
0a20cc4bc3 Add check of HTTP method to OSSL_HTTP_REQ_CTX_content()
85c8b87b82 Util/ Fix uninitialized $podinfo{lastsecttext} on empty input
8a9394c1ed Fix no-dh and no-dsa
fc52ae8c4b Don't copy parameters on setting a key in libssl
5060cd5f3e Ensure legacy_asn1_ctrl_to_param can handle MDs not in the OBJ database
ef161e7b8f Unix Makefile generator: separate "simple" shared libraries from import libraries
daa86f9e6b Check input size before NULL pointer test inside mem_write()
616581aaac dh_cms_set_shared_info: Use explicit fetch to be able to provide libctx
6c4ecc655a dh_cms_set_peerkey: The peer key is encoded as an ASN.1 integer
24d5be7a2a Make the smdh.pem test certificate usable with fips provider
6253cdcc8e kdf_exch.c (kdf_derive): Proper handling of NULL secret
f23e4a17a2 Fixes related to broken DH support in CMS
6d9a54c6e6 Pass correct maximum output length to provider derive operation
3d46c81a7d CMP: Allow PKCS#10 input also for ir, cr, kur, and rr messages
2039ac07b4 X509_REQ_get_extensions(): Return empty stack if no extensions found
6b63b7b61e apps/cmp.c: Check self-signature on CSR input and warn on failure
92d619450a apps/cmp.c: Improve diagnostics on loading private vs. public key for cert request
adcaebc314 CI: Add some legacy stuff that we do not test in GitHub CI yet
52b0bb38f3 fall-back -> fallback find-doc-nit addition
6857058016 Fix typo in crl2pkcs documentation
a3d267f184 Deprecate EVP_KEY_new_CMAC_key and EVP_PKEY_new_CMAC_key_ex

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