[openssl] master update

tomas at openssl.org tomas at openssl.org
Thu Mar 11 19:12:09 UTC 2021

The branch master has been updated
       via  0a8e6c1fb77612feba350a67dad3e548300785a7 (commit)
      from  92e9359b24660228fa8fbf9129837ce5ab287715 (commit)

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 0a8e6c1fb77612feba350a67dad3e548300785a7
Author: Anthony Hu <anth_hu at hotmail.com>
Date:   Wed Mar 10 11:15:57 2021 -0500

    Increase the upper limit on group name length
    While all the standardized groups would fit within the old limit,
    with the addition of providers, some might want to experiment with
    new and unstandardized groups. As such, their names might not fit
    within the old limit.
    Define it as GROUP_NAME_BUFFER_LENGTH with value 64.
    Reviewed-by: Matt Caswell <matt at openssl.org>
    Reviewed-by: Paul Dale <pauli at openssl.org>
    Reviewed-by: Tomas Mraz <tomas at openssl.org>
    (Merged from https://github.com/openssl/openssl/pull/14502)


Summary of changes:
 ssl/t1_lib.c | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/ssl/t1_lib.c b/ssl/t1_lib.c
index 4d66db9f9d..a389b0feed 100644
--- a/ssl/t1_lib.c
+++ b/ssl/t1_lib.c
@@ -693,7 +693,7 @@ err:
 /* TODO(3.0): An arbitrary amount for now. Take another look at this */
 # define MAX_GROUPLIST   40
 typedef struct {
     SSL_CTX *ctx;
     size_t gidcnt;
@@ -705,7 +705,7 @@ static int gid_cb(const char *elem, int len, void *arg)
     gid_cb_st *garg = arg;
     size_t i;
     uint16_t gid = 0;
-    char etmp[20];
     if (elem == NULL)
         return 0;

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