[openssl-dev] Lib names on Windows changed in OpenSSL 1.1.0

Erik Forsberg erik at efca.com
Fri Aug 26 16:56:52 UTC 2016

Considering all of the API changes in 1.1, I think changing to the
new library names are actually very useful, no chance of accidentally using old DLLs

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>In message <7ff7678e-3c4c-6343-3a5b-b2aa0caf7ba5 at yahoo.com> on Fri, 26 Aug 2016 01:14:22 -0400, Ray Satiro <raysatiro at yahoo.com> said:
>raysatiro> I am part of a project that has several build systems, and two in
>raysatiro> particular are not dynamically generated, a makefile and a number of
>raysatiro> Visual Studio project files, all of which link to ssleay32.lib and
>raysatiro> libeay32.lib for OpenSSL. I've noticed in 1.1.0 the names were changed
>raysatiro> to libssl.lib and libcrypto.lib. We would like for our project files
>raysatiro> to be compatible with OpenSSL 1.1.0 and earlier versions, so that
>raysatiro> someone can just open a project file and it will link to whatever
>raysatiro> version of OpenSSL they're using. I am wondering if anyone else has
>raysatiro> brought this up (searching I couldn't find anything), whether you have
>raysatiro> considered for compatibility copying the libs to the old names, or if
>raysatiro> you have any ideas for me. The project is cURL,
>raysatiro> https://github.com/curl/curl. Thanks
>I do recall discussing this quite a bit, back when the unified build
>system was introduced, which was at the beginning of this year.  I
>cannot currently recall exactly where the discussions were taking
>place.  Some were on github, some were internal within the team.
>As for your project file, you're talking about the stuff in winbuild/,
>right?  I had a look here: https://github.com/curl/curl/tree/master/winbuild
>So I'm wondering, couldn't you have something among the action lines
>in https://github.com/curl/curl/blob/master/winbuild/Makefile.vc,
>something like this?
>	IF EXIST libeay32.lib SET LIBCRYPTO_NAME=libeay32
>	IF EXIST ssleay32.lib SET LIBSSL_NAME=ssleay32
>And then make sure to use $(LIBCRYPTO_NAME) and $(LIBSSL_NAME) in
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