[openssl-dev] Configure zlib broken in latest 1.1 git

Richard Levitte levitte at openssl.org
Thu Mar 3 09:06:56 UTC 2016

In message <MS-BN4t5JaTHk74 at srv.efca.com> on Wed, 2 Mar 2016 23:24:41 -0800, "Erik Forsberg" <erik at efca.com> said:

erik> https://github.com/openssl/openssl/commit/98fdbce09144a8addc6682a0ffd8ac92b2ce70b1
erik> broke Configure zlib
erik> the required -lz never makes it into the produced Makefile
erik> I used Configure solaris64-x86_64-cc but I think this is more generic

I'm surprised it wasn't already broken here: bcb1977b7f4186b5551d83839286bc02991c2ad3

I seem to have broken down the logic behind zlib / zlib-dynamic right
about there.

Anyhow, the attached patch whould fix the problem, would you verify
that it works for you too?


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