[openssl-dev] MacOS defaults?

Andy Polyakov appro at openssl.org
Mon Mar 7 19:51:28 UTC 2016

>>> Try 
>>> $ machine
>>> Apparently "arch" is not only old (the latest release was in July
>>> 2010), but it does not differentiate between Intel-32 and Intel-64.
>>> On my own Mac (proven to be 64-bit :) arch returns "i386", machine
>>> returns "x86_64h".
>> And I get i486 (sic!) on proven to be 64-bit Mac.
> Yes another proof that we cannot rely on “arch” on the newer Mac OS X
> boxes.

I meant that I get i486 from 'machine'! I.e. what I tried to say all
along is that one can't trust 'arch' *nor* 'machine' or 'uname -m' to
identify 64-bit Darwin. Well, if you want something that works even with
older versions.

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