[openssl-dev] Running against BoringSSL's SSL test suite

Kanaka Kotamarthy kotamarthyd at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 10:07:06 UTC 2016


I am even testing OpenSSL with BoringSSL's test cases using
Openssl-1.1.0-pre2. Trying to find out reasons of OpenSSL's failures
for particular cases.

DTLS 1.0 session resumption has some thing wrong. If s_server started
with -dtls and s_client -dtls1 -reconnect , session resumption is not
being done. The reason for this may be, version negotiation for DTLS
is done after loading previous session and check for s->version and
s->session->version fails in tls_process_client_hello.

And also Openssl fails with Resume-Client-NoResume cases. Do you have
any report on which test cases do fail and reasons for the failure?

Thank you

On Tue, Mar 8, 2016 at 3:19 AM, David Benjamin <davidben at google.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> So, we've by now built up a decent-sized SSL test suite in BoringSSL. I was
> bored and ran it against OpenSSL master. It revealed a number of bugs. One
> is https://github.com/openssl/openssl/pull/603. I'll be filing tickets
> shortly for the remaining ones I've triaged, but I thought I'd send this
> separately rather than duplicate it everywhere.
> Emilia also suggested there may be room to collaborate on testing. If
> nothing else, just borrowing ideas or porting tests to/from your TLSProxy
> setup. (Like, say, the ones that caught the bugs I'll be reporting. :-) )
> So, here's an introduction on how it all works:
> To run the tests on OpenSSL, clone BoringSSL:
> https://boringssl.googlesource.com/boringssl/
> Then patch in this change. (Click the "Download" in the upper-right for
> options.)
> https://boringssl-review.googlesource.com/#/c/7332/
> Then follow the instructions in the commit message.
> The tests themselves and the runner logic live in ssl/test/runner/runner.go:
> https://boringssl.googlesource.com/boringssl/+/22ce9b2d08a52e399bf2ab86851952d727be034d/ssl/test/runner/runner.go#922
> They work by running an unmodified TLS stack in a shim binary against a copy
> of Go's. We patch our copy with options for weird behavior to test against:
> https://boringssl.googlesource.com/boringssl/+/22ce9b2d08a52e399bf2ab86851952d727be034d/ssl/test/runner/common.go#414
> Go and shim communicate entirely with sockets and (tons of) command-line
> flags, though it is slightly overfit to BoringSSL's behavior and checks
> error strings a lot. The shim also has options like -async mode which we use
> on a subset of tests to stress state machine resumption. (This has saved me
> from state machine bugs so many times.)
> https://boringssl.googlesource.com/boringssl/+/22ce9b2d08a52e399bf2ab86851952d727be034d/ssl/test/runner/runner.go#2770
> https://boringssl.googlesource.com/boringssl/+/22ce9b2d08a52e399bf2ab86851952d727be034d/ssl/test/bssl_shim.cc#826
> I hope this is useful! Bugs and patches will follow this mail, as I write
> them up.
> David
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