[openssl-dev] Errors when loading an OpenSSL RSA Engine

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>In git version, if I comment the block...

I found that was not necessary. But autotools setup did not work (see my
previous post in this thread). Perhaps Richard could shed some light on

$ echo whatever | OPENSSL_ENGINES=. openssl dgst -md5 -engine emd5
engine "emd5" set.
(stdin)= d8d77109f4a24efc3bd53d7cabb7ee35

Regarding RSA-X engine, it lacks the dynamic binding code necessary for
being loaded, etc. That’s why it fails to load. Check the contents of
e_md5.c and eng_rsax.c for differences.

$ OPENSSL_ENGINES=. openssl engine -t -c rsax
(rsax) RSAX engine support
     [ available ]

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