[openssl-dev] [openssl.org #4415] test/certs/mkcert.sh uses "#! /binbash"

noloader@gmail.com via RT rt at openssl.org
Fri Mar 11 12:05:32 UTC 2016

test/certs/mkcert.sh uses:

    #! /binbash"

It does not work as expected on some platforms, like OpenBSD and
FreeBSD where Bash is located in, say, /usr/local/bin or

Instead, I believe you should use:

    #! /usr/bin/env bash

Another potential pain point is PERL:

    grep -iIR perl * | grep '#' | grep -v 'env' | wc -l

It looks like most uses of PERL are expected to be at
/usr/local/bin/perl. 160 of them use /usr/bin/env, but 230 or so use
the potentially incorrect path.

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