[openssl-dev] [openssl.org #4424] openssl 1.0.2.g and Indy-Procjet

Olaf Kirfel via RT rt at openssl.org
Sun Mar 13 14:09:34 UTC 2016

I am using Embarcadero/Borland C++-Builder for my personal interest and 
I have the problem, that after the update to openssl 1.0.2g the 
indy-components are not working.
They are delivering an error message like "ssl-security library could 
not be loaded" (I tried to translate it, sorry).

I read, that the reason might be, that you turn off the support for SSL2.
I guess, the problem seems to be, that you removed some functions from 
the library, so older software seems not to be able to load the dll, 
even though one is trying to use SSL3.

Is there a way that you just add the old function-bodies and let them 
return an error-code?
By that one would be able to use the old indy-components with SSL3.

If my assumption is wrong, sorry.

With best regards
Olaf Kirfel

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