[openssl-dev] [openssl.org #4425] CentOS 5: mkdir /include: Permission denied at ./Configure line 1248

noloader@gmail.com via RT rt at openssl.org
Sun Mar 13 21:44:18 UTC 2016

This is kind of odd... Working from Master at b36a2ef.

It appears Configure is trying to create the directory "/include"
rather than "$PWD/include".

$ git clone ...
$ ls -Al | grep openssl
drwxrwxr-x 19 jwalton jwalton  4096 Mar 13 17:37 openssl

$ cd openssl
$ ./config
Operating system: x86_64-whatever-linux2
Configuring for linux-x86_64
Configuring OpenSSL version 1.1.0-pre4-dev (0x0x10100004L)
    no-crypto-mdebug [default]  OPENSSL_NO_CRYPTO_MDEBUG (skip dir)
    no-crypto-mdebug-backtrace [forced]
    no-dynamic-engine [forced]
    no-ec_nistp_64_gcc_128 [default]  OPENSSL_NO_EC_NISTP_64_GCC_128 (skip dir)
    no-egd          [default]  OPENSSL_NO_EGD (skip dir)
    no-heartbeats   [default]  OPENSSL_NO_HEARTBEATS (skip dir)
    no-md2          [default]  OPENSSL_NO_MD2 (skip dir)
    no-rc5          [default]  OPENSSL_NO_RC5 (skip dir)
    no-sctp         [default]  OPENSSL_NO_SCTP (skip dir)
    no-shared       [default]
    no-ssl-trace    [default]  OPENSSL_NO_SSL_TRACE (skip dir)
    no-ssl3         [default]  OPENSSL_NO_SSL3 (skip dir)
    no-ssl3-method  [default]  OPENSSL_NO_SSL3_METHOD (skip dir)
    no-static-engine [default]  OPENSSL_NO_STATIC_ENGINE (skip dir)
    no-unit-test    [default]  OPENSSL_NO_UNIT_TEST (skip dir)
    no-weak-ssl-ciphers [default]  OPENSSL_NO_WEAK_SSL_CIPHERS (skip dir)
    no-zlib         [default]
    no-zlib-dynamic [default]
Configuring for linux-x86_64
mkdir /include: Permission denied at ./Configure line 1248

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