[openssl-dev] [openssl.org #4436] [Openssl 1.1.0] ECDSA_SIG_get0() for const ECDSA_SIG *

Schüller Felix via RT rt at openssl.org
Thu Mar 17 09:18:34 UTC 2016


since the struct ECDSA_SIG ( -> ECDSA_SIG_st) is now opaque, one has to use ECDSA_SIG_get0() to access the values 'r' and 's'.
This works fine for non-const variables. But if one has a 'const ECDSA_SIG  *' (e.g. in verify_sig() of an ec_key-engine),
this produces an error during compilation. So an additional version of ECDSA_SIG_get0() (taking a 'const ECDSA_SIG  *' and setting pointer
to (const BIGNUM)) would be nice.

Kind regards

  Felix Schüller

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