[openssl-dev] [openssl.org #4451] OS X 10.8, x86_64: 01-test_abort.t... sh: line 1: 71522 Abort trap: 6

Richard Levitte via RT rt at openssl.org
Sat Mar 19 01:46:13 UTC 2016

In this case, though, it's an application that explicitely calls an
aborting function.  No subterfuge at all there, so if you wanted to
complain, this is a particularly bad example.

We do use OPENSSL_assert() in some places, to check *internal* state.
When internal state is incorrect, it's not something that should keep
running.  The aim is, of course, that such errors will be caught by
our tests.


In message <rt-4.0.19-1914-1458351678-1225.4451-6-0 at openssl.org> on Sat, 19 Mar 2016 01:41:18 +0000, "noloader at gmail.com via RT" <rt at openssl.org> said:

rt> This might be a philosophical difference, but:
rt>   $ test/aborttest
rt>   test/aborttest.c:15: OpenSSL internal error: Voluntary abort
rt>   Abort trap
rt> I don't believe its the library's place to shutdown an application.
rt> Libraries don't make policy decisions for applications.
rt> I think in this case, the library should refuse to process data and
rt> always return a failure. Similar to latching a power-up self test
rt> failure for the FIPS gear.
rt> Crashing the application will make OpenSSL powered apps no better than
rt> BIND, which constantly DoS'es itself. Cf.,
rt> http://www.google.com/search?q=bind+assert+cve.
rt> Jeff
rt> On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 8:56 PM, Richard Levitte via RT <rt at openssl.org> wrote:
rt> > This is a non issue, the test comes through ok as expected. The printout is a
rt> > bit ugly, sure, but...
rt> >
rt> > And I'd love if someone could figure out a good way not to have that output. My
rt> > attempts failed miserably...
rt> >
rt> > Vid Sat, 19 Mar 2016 kl. 00.47.40, skrev noloader at gmail.com:
rt> >> Working from Master at a6adf099cbd7c3bc...
rt> >>
rt> >> $ KERNEL_BITS=64 ./config && make depend && make clean && make -j 4
rt> >> ...
rt> >> ...
rt> >> OPENSSL_ENGINES=.././engines \
rt> >> /opt/local/bin//perl5 .././test/run_tests.pl )
rt> >> ../test/recipes/01-test_abort.t ........... sh: line 1: 71522 Abort
rt> >> trap: 6 ../util/shlib_wrap.sh ./aborttest 2> /dev/null
rt> >> ../test/recipes/01-test_abort.t ........... ok
rt> >> ../test/recipes/01-test_ordinals.t ........ ok
rt> >> ...
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