[openssl-dev] [openssl.org #4452] openssl-1.1.0-pre4: undefined symbol for solaris-x86-cc

Kiyoshi KANAZAWA via RT rt at openssl.org
Sat Mar 19 10:56:00 UTC 2016

With patch for #4444,

% mkdir build_solaris-x86-cc
% cd build_solaris-x86-cc
% ../Configure solaris-x86-cc
% make
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
padlock_xstore                      ./libcrypto.a(e_padlock.o)
padlock_capability                  ./libcrypto.a(e_padlock.o)
padlock_reload_key                  ./libcrypto.a(e_padlock.o)
padlock_ctr32_encrypt               ./libcrypto.a(e_padlock.o)
padlock_key_bswap                   ./libcrypto.a(e_padlock.o)
padlock_cbc_encrypt                 ./libcrypto.a(e_padlock.o)
padlock_cfb_encrypt                 ./libcrypto.a(e_padlock.o)
padlock_ecb_encrypt                 ./libcrypto.a(e_padlock.o)
padlock_ofb_encrypt                 ./libcrypto.a(e_padlock.o)
padlock_aes_block                   ./libcrypto.a(e_padlock.o)
ld: fatal: symbol referencing errors. No output written to apps/openssl
../Makefile.shared:186: recipe for target 'link_app.' failed
make[1]: *** [link_app.] Error 2

% ../Configure solaris-x86-cc no-asm

% make
% make test

OS: Solaris10 x86/x64
cc: /opt/solarisstudio12.4/bin/cc

Best Regards,

--- Kiyoshi <yoi_no_myoujou at yahoo.co.jp>

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