[openssl-dev] openssl_config_internal passes config_name to CONF_modules_load_file as appname

Nikita Leontiev nikita.leontiev at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 20:09:56 UTC 2016


Examining OpenSSL code I noticed strange thing. openssl_config_internal
function passes config_name parameter to CONF_modules_load_file as appname

void openssl_config_internal(const char **config_name*)
    CONF_modules_load_file(NULL, *config_name*,
                               CONF_MFLAGS_DEFAULT_SECTION |

int CONF_modules_load_file(*const char *filename*, *const char *appname*,
                           unsigned long flags)

Looks strange, because in such case config loading not occur or I missed

Nikita Leontiev
Just Manager Lead Developer
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