[openssl-dev] 1.1.0-pre5-dev (2016-03-20) v. VMS

Steven M. Schweda sms at antinode.info
Mon Mar 21 03:08:23 UTC 2016

   1.  An attempt to build on VMS Alpha V8.4 died when MMS choked on a
too-long command:

PURGE [.crypto.evp]digest.OBJ
SET DEFAULT ALP$DKC100:[UTILITY.SOURCE.OPENSSL.openssl-master_2016-03-20.crypto.evp]
,utility5_dev:[UTILITY.source.openssl.openssl-master_2016-03-20.crypto.include],ALP$DKC100:[UTILITY.SOURCE.OPENSSL.openssl-master_2016-03-20.crypto],ALP$DKC100:[UTILITY.SOURCE.OPENSSL.openssl-master_2016-03-20.crypto.modes]) /MMS=(FILE=utility5_dev:[-
UTILITY.source.openssl.openssl-master_2016-03-20.crypto.evp]e_aes.tmp-MMS,TARGET=[.crypto.evp]e_aes.OBJ) /OBJECT=utility5_dev:[UTILITY.source.openssl.openssl-master_2016-03-20.crypto.evp]e_aes.OBJ /REPOSITORY=utility5_dev:[UTILITY.source.openssl.-
openssl-master_2016-03-20] e_aes.c
%MMS-F-EXETOOBIG, Command too large.  Maximum length is 1019 characters.

   I haven't tried to see how this stuff is generated nowadays, but I'd
say that it could use more of at least one of the following:
      logical names  (one rooted for the top-level dir?)
      continuation lines
      relative directory specs
      documentation of the default directory spec length limit

   2.  What's the status of zlib support on VMS?  In the old days,
makevms.com had a place to specify a zlib directory.  Is there a way in
the new scheme?  (Documented anywhere?)  All I found was the
      OPTIONS= [...] no-zlib no-zlib-dynamic
in descrip.mms.

   3.  Shared images?

   For the record:

ALP $ mms /id
%MMS-I-IDENT, MMS V3.8-2 © Copyright 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L

ALP $ cc /version
HP C V7.3-010 on OpenVMS Alpha V8.4    

   (I haven't verified it yet, but I believe that the "-010" compiler,
recently made available to us lowly hobbyists, fixes the 64-bit argv[]
NULL-termination problems on Alpha.)


   Steven M. Schweda               sms at antinode-info
   382 South Warwick Street        (+1) 651-699-9818
   Saint Paul  MN  55105-2547

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