[openssl-dev] [openssl.org #4422] OS X 32-bit PowerPC: blake2b.c:27: warning: integer constant is too large for 'unsigned long' type

Andy Polyakov via RT rt at openssl.org
Mon Mar 21 10:14:38 UTC 2016

On 03/14/16 17:12, Andy Polyakov via RT wrote:
>> It looks like the ULL suffix should be safe today;
> This is misleading statement. *Today* U suffix should be safe, because
> standard specifies that compiler should pick type automatically
> depending on value of the constant. In order words suffices beyond U are
> required only if you need constant to be of wider type, wider than its
> value, e.g. 13ULL. Well, even then it might be superfluous, because type
> promotion rules might do it for you. Going back to beginning, to "today
> U suffix should be safe". Thing is that we kind of live between today
> and yesterday, making it work not only with contemporary platforms, but
> even older ones. So real question is if there is compiler supporting
> 64-bit integer (which is OpenSSL minimum requirement) which would
> *truncate* constants in question, i.e. with U alone? I'm not aware of
> any. Next question is if there is compiler that would *fail* to parse
> ULL? Yes, older Microsoft 32-bit compilers would. Do you see where is it
> going? It's going toward leaving U alone.
> One can wonder if warning is actually justified. I'd argue that this
> would be a trick question. Compiler in question obviously accepts long
> long, but it's an *extension* to c89 [which we require and rely on]. Now
> if compiler already accepts extensions, why would it have to complain
> about extended constant values? I mean you either process extensions and
> don't complain, or reject extension and complain. Anyway, the U is here
> to stay. If warnings sting the eye that much, then the only appropriate
> action would be to bump standard compliance by passing -std=c9x as
> additional argument to config/Configure. One can argue that it should be
> in Configuration/10-main.conf, or be automatically added by ./config.
> Yes, I suppose it's appropriate assuming that compilers shipped with
> MacOS X all recognize the option.

With rationale that MacOS X for PPC is not going to evolve options for
darwin*-ppc-cc are frozen at -std=gnu9x.

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