[openssl-dev] 1.1.0-pre5-dev (2016-03-20) v. VMS

Richard Levitte levitte at openssl.org
Mon Mar 21 19:17:22 UTC 2016

In message <16032113480098_2020F9D5 at antinode.info> on Mon, 21 Mar 2016 13:48:01 -0500 (CDT), "Steven M. Schweda" <sms at antinode.info> said:

sms> >    I'll try it again with more physical, fewer logical names.  Perhaps
sms> > some f$trnlnm() action (lather, rinse, repeat) could solve this kind of
sms> > thing automatically.
sms>    That seems to help considerably (more relative dir specs).  Oddities
sms> from test:
sms> [.recipes]25-test_pkcs7.t ........... ok
sms> readline() on closed filehandle DATA at [.recipes]25-test_req.t line 34.
sms> readline() on closed filehandle DATA at [.recipes]25-test_req.t line 34.

Yeah, I've been eyeing that one but have been busy with more pressing
things.  As far as I've seen, this is innocuous, so more an annoyance
than anything else.

sms> But:
sms> All tests successful.
sms> Files=72, Tests=362, 1337 wallclock secs (16.36 usr +  0.00 sys = 16.36 CPU)
sms> Result: PASS
sms>    The 64-bit attempt did less well.  config.com says:
sms> $       ! -32 or 32     sets /POINTER_SIZE=32
sms> $       ! -64 or 64     sets /POINTER_SIZE=64
sms>    But:
sms> $ @ config.com -64
sms> led to:
sms> Warning! target vms-alpha-p64 doesn't exist!
sms> Usage: Configure [no-<cipher> ...] [enable-<cipher> ...] [-Dxxx] [-lxxx] [-Lxxx] [-fxxx] [-Kxxx] [no-hw-xxx|no-hw] [[no-]threads] [[no-]shared] [[no-]zlib|zlib-dynamic] [no-asm] [no-dso] [no-egd] [sctp] [386] [--prefix=DIR] [--openssldir=OPENSSLDIR] [--with-xxx[=vvv]] [--config=FILE] os/compiler[:flags]
sms> [...]
sms> vms-alpha 
sms> vms-alpha-P32 
sms> vms-alpha-P64 
sms> [...]
sms>    I just noticed the case difference as I was assembling this message.
sms> More/less/different quotation again?

Yeah, that one got discovered already today.

Now, now it's because perl arguments won't be automatically downcased
in some cases (actually, you discovered that a while ago!), so there's
an explicit downcase of in Configure (for --foo=BAR cases, just the
part before the equal sign).  Of course, the issue above is how that
fix comes back in bites me ;-)

The easiest (I'm all for easy in this case) is to downcase the indices
in [.Configurations]10-main.conf...

Will be visible in tonight's snapshot (did you know that we produce
nightly snapshots?  ftp://ftp.openssl.org/snapshot or


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