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This turned out to be a kernel bug. The userland crypto interface was
known to have some problems, and the kernel checked in changes to the
2.6 kernel in January 2016. Distro's were cherry picking them for
2.8-4.5, but some needed ones got missed (q.v.).

According to and comment 3 at

Please try this test kernel: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kamal/lp1556562.0/

(For reference, this is 4.2.0-35.40 plus backports of these mainline commits:)
6454c2b crypto: algif_skcipher - Do not dereference ctx without socket lock
ec69bbf crypto: algif_skcipher - Do not assume that req is unchanged
6e8d8ec crypto: algif_skcipher - Add key check exception for cipher_null
a1383cd crypto: skcipher - Add crypto_skcipher_has_setkey

Close this bug.

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