[openssl-dev] [openssl.org #4489] PATCH: fix Windows deprecated strdup in crypto\conf\conf_lib.c

noloader@gmail.com via RT rt at openssl.org
Mon Mar 28 08:38:10 UTC 2016

On Windows, the fix below also depends upon the patch from Issue 4488
("The POSIX name for this item is deprecated. Instead, use the ISO C++
conformant name...").

This patch below also fixes some problems with the older standards on
Fedora, BSD and Linux.

$ cat conf_lib.patch
diff --git a/crypto/conf/conf_lib.c b/crypto/conf/conf_lib.c
index f197714..7bc3ac0 100644
--- a/crypto/conf/conf_lib.c
+++ b/crypto/conf/conf_lib.c
@@ -392,7 +392,7 @@ void
OPENSSL_INIT_set_config_filename(OPENSSL_INIT_SETTINGS *settings,
                                       const char *config_file)
-    settings->config_name = config_file == NULL ? NULL : strdup(config_file);
+    settings->config_name = config_file == NULL ? NULL :

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