[openssl-dev] Changing/deleted ordinals for exported function in the Windows DLLs

Andy Polyakov appro at openssl.org
Tue Mar 29 12:41:56 UTC 2016

> It looks like ordinals are changing and/or being removed for functions
> exported by the Windows DLL. Its causing pain points for users in the
> field, and it appears to be trending. Confer:
>  * WAMP OpenSSL ordinal 372 error, http://stackoverflow.com/q/36238887
>  * The Ordinal 112 could not be located in dynamic link library…,
> http://stackoverflow.com/q/36163468

This can be a bit misleading in sense that it doesn't have to be related
to ordinals per se. I mean if an application calls a function from DLL,
if you remove that function from DLL, it doesn't matter how it was
exposed, by ordinal or by name. If exposed by name, then error message
would be more readable, or less ambiguous, but application will fail to
start in either case. In other words I agree with Richard's suggestion
that someone fails to keep OpenSSL DLLs in check, and say that failure
to do so would have similar effect irregardless whether or not we stick
with ordinals or not.

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