[openssl-dev] [Bug, maybe] [master] bin/* no longer find their libraries if installed in non-default locations

Richard Levitte levitte at openssl.org
Wed Mar 1 19:14:39 UTC 2017

In message <20170301165032.8jhWg%steffen at sdaoden.eu> on Wed, 01 Mar 2017 17:50:32 +0100, Steffen Nurpmeso <steffen at sdaoden.eu> said:

steffen> "Salz, Rich" <rsalz at akamai.com> wrote:
steffen>  |> This is new behaviour, until now the installation was always self-contain\
steffen>  |> ed
steffen>  |> when configured via
steffen>  |> 
steffen>  |>   ./config --prefix=$(MYPREFIX) zlib-dynamic no-hw shared
steffen>  |
steffen>  |Did you install the libraries in a standard place?
steffen>  |
steffen>  |> I think this should at least be noted in CHANGES or so.
steffen>  |
steffen>  |I don't think so.  I think the libs weren't installed.
steffen> Yes, also in my opinion the old behaviour was much, much better.

I very much disagree.  We have had bug reports as well as cases of our
own because a new compilation that you want to test picked up
previously installed versions of the libraries (usually an older
version).  The reason for doing so previously was because we installed
the libraries in non-standard locations by default.

Since OpenSSL 1.1.0 and on is installing in standard locations by
default, we don't have to use these mechanisms for a default build.
With that, we realised that choosing to use DT_RPATH, DT_RUNPATH (they
are different) or whatever isn't really our decision to make, but the
decision of the packager or the individual user, so we've handed the
decision to you. 

For the GNU toolchain, I'd recommend configuring with something like
this (from memory, I might be fuzzy in the details):

    -Wl,--enable-new-dtags -rpath '$(LIBRPATH)'

LIBRPATH is a convenience Makefile variable that gets correctly set to
the configured shared library installation directory, meant for
exactly this sort of situation.


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