[openssl-dev] TLSv1.3 draft 19 support

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Thu Mar 16 14:35:05 UTC 2017


I have just pushed to master the updates necessary for TLSv1.3 draft-19
support. This covers most of the required changes with the exception of
CertificateRequests which are waiting on PR 2918 to be merged.

Unfortunately there aren't other draft-19 implementations out there yet
(that I know of) so there has been no inter-operability testing.
Therefore I don't claim it to be bug free!! :-(

As and when other implementations come along I will test it and fix
anything we find.

The immediate impact of this is that anyone using master for testing
will find they are no longer able to negotiate TLSv1.3 with any
implementations still using draft-18 (i.e. most/all of them). To enable
people to still do that we have created a new branch "tlsv1.3-draft-18"
in the repo which was done immediately before pulling in the draft-19
changes. I plan to maintain that branch with any required draft-18
interoperability fixes for a short time.


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