[openssl-dev] Code Health Tuesday - documentation!

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Thu Mar 23 17:57:04 UTC 2017

Hi all

Our next "Code Health Tuesday" event will be on Tuesday 28th March.

We've seen some great contributions during our last two events with many
significant improvements merged as a result. We'd like to continue that
trend with our next theme - documentation.

Just find some missing documentation, write it and send us a PR on our
github site. Or help us fix incorrect or out-of-date documentation, or
broken links, etc.




Q: How do I participate?
A: Find something to document. Create a Github pull request and  put
“code health” in the title. We’ll be monitoring Github for quick turnaround.

Q: Which branches should I target?
A: You should target master. If documentation applies to earlier
releases then please indicate which ones in the PR. Sometimes there are
subtle differences between the different releases, so it may be
necessary to create a different PR for older branches.

Q: What form should the documentation take?
A: All our documentation is in POD file format. Take a look in the doc
directory and read a few of the pages to get used to our style. The
doc/man3/BIO_printf.pod file is a good, recently written example. If you
are providing missing documentation consider whether it should appear in
a new POD file, or whether it should be added to an existing one.
You can use the "doc-nits" script to run some basic checks on the
documentation you have written (run "make doc-nits").

Q: Do you have any tools to find what to document?
A: Yes, the doc-nits tool (in the util sub-dir) can provide some useful
    ./util/find-doc-nits –l (references to non-existing POD pages)
    ./util/find-doc-nits –u (all undocumented public functions)

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