[openssl-project] 1.1.1 Release timetable

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Wed Dec 27 09:21:23 UTC 2017

On 25/12/17 22:17, Salz, Rich wrote:
> A month, if we’re already in BETA, is okay.  More than that is bad and could force people to move to boring.
> We should plan for a release in March and if it slips because TLS 1.3 isn’t ready, that’s fine.

I really think March is too ambitious and is just setting ourselves up
to fail. We should set an achievable goal and, IMO, March is not
achievable (at least not with the release criteria as I proposed them).

There has not been much discussion on the proposed release criteria BTW.
Any opinions on those. Repeated here for ease of reference:

- All open github issues/PRs older than 2 weeks at the time of release
to be assessed for relevance to 1.1.1. Any flagged with the 1.1.1
milestone to be closed (see below)
- Clean builds in Travis and Appveyor for two days
- run-checker.sh to be showing as clean 2 days before release
- No open Coverity issues (not flagged as "False Positive" or "Ignore")
- TLSv1.3 RFC published

Valid reasons for closing an issue/PR with a 1.1.1 milestone might be:
- We have just now or sometime in the past fixed the issue
- Unable to reproduce (following discussion with original reporter if
- Working as intended
- Deliberate decision not to fix until a later release
- Not enough information and unable to contact reporter
- etc

The work here is that I state *all* open github issues/PRs older than 2
weeks and relevant to 1.1.1 to be addressed. We currently have >500 of
these (of which some may not be relevant to 1.1.1).


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