[openssl-project] Change to fractional time processing in cert verify

Barry Fussell (bfussell) bfussell at cisco.com
Fri Aug 10 16:33:35 UTC 2018

My team was recently made aware of a change in the time comparison
logic in openssl to adhere to RFC5280 requirements . This change will be in
the upcoming 1.0.2p and 1.1.0i releases. We've had discussions regarding
the impact to legacy devices in the field and feel the change could be
detrimental if enabled by default.

We've seen fractional time used in many cases, for example the IAIK
crypto library generated fractional times for quite a while. I believe the
issue with the IAIK library has been fixed, but products still have those certs
embedded in them today.

In reading the discussion linked below it seems the only impetus for
this change was to meet RFC5280, not that allowing fractional times
was any specific vulnerability.


Is there any option for this going forward, removal, compile-time
enabled or part of the strict checks ?

Thanks !

Barry Fussell


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