[openssl-project] update on sporadic test failures

Bernd Edlinger bernd.edlinger at hotmail.de
Fri Jan 12 13:58:10 UTC 2018

On 01/12/18 14:48, Richard Levitte wrote:
> So with regards to the read/write loop in TLSProxy::Proxy, may I ask
> that you try the attached patch, independently of my previous patch?
> For some reason, I cannot seem to get things to fail on my machine for
> the moment, with or without patch...
Sure, test with your patch is running now in a loop,
I will keep you informed when something interesting happens here...

It is also very intermittent here, must have been luck when I
managed to reproduce 3 times in a row with <400 iterations,
today it took 2482 iterations.


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