[openssl-project] Issues review

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Tue Jan 23 17:49:53 UTC 2018

I completed my first pass review of all issues. I still need to look at
PRs. I have put all PRs against a milestone using the following criteria:

If it only applies to 1.0.2 or below: 1.0.2 milestone
If it only applies to 1.1.0 or below: 1.1.0 milesone
If it's API/ABI breaking to fix: 1.2.0 milestone
If it's a feature request that we aren't already planning to do for
1.1.1: Post 1.1.1 milestone
If it's something which is independent of a release (e.g. web issues,
policy/procedure etc): Other milestone
If it applies to master and doesn't fit into one of the categories
above: 1.1.1 milestone

Some stats:

We now have 249 issues open.
Since I started this exercise we have closed 134 issues.
Issues against 1.0.2: 17
Issues against 1.1.0: 3
Issues against 1.1.1: 141
Issues against 1.2.0: 15
Issues against Post 1.1.1: 58
Issues against Other: 15


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