[openssl-project] To use or not use the iconv API, and to use or not use other libraries

Richard Levitte levitte at openssl.org
Mon Jun 11 17:29:09 UTC 2018

"Salz, Rich" <rsalz at akamai.com> skrev: (11 juni 2018 18:54:37 CEST)
>>    Except that, because of the way PKCS12_gen_mac() works, this isn't
>    true.  If the input pass phrase looks like a UTF-8 encoded string
>  (because there are valid characters in other encodings that will like
>  like UTF-8 byte sequences), it will be used as if -passutf8 was given
>    instead.
>Well, at least I started down the path.  I wonder if one of those flags
>should set the keygen to asc?

That could be an idea, except that's not an easy change. Effectively, that's exactly equivalent to doing a naïve utf-8 encode in the application. 


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