[openssl-project] Current votes FYI

Salz, Rich rsalz at akamai.com
Mon May 7 01:37:00 UTC 2018

Greetings OpenSSL folks!

The OMC met this past weekend.  Much was accomplished.  Per our policy, we’re telling the project that the following votes are now active among the OMC.  As the votes are concluded, more information (blog posts, website updates, whatever’s appropriate) will be made available.

VOTE: openssl-web and tools repositories shall be under the same review policy as per the openssl repository where the reviewers are OMC members

VOTE: That we remove "We strongly believe that the right to advance patches/info should not be based in any way on paid membership to  some forum. You cannot pay us to get security patches in advance" from the security policy and Mark posts a blog entry to explain the change including that we have no current such service.

VOTE: 1.1.1 beta release schedule changed so that the next two beta releases are now 29th May, 19 June and we will re-review release readiness after that. We will also ensure that there is at least one beta release post TLS-1.3 RFC publication prior to the final release.

VOTE: Remove the entire "Forthcoming Features" section from the Roadmap Policy and open github issues for those items listed which have not yet been completed and do not currently have issues raised or PR submitted.

VOTE: We don't intend to be involved in adding any additional platforms to the OpenSSL FIPS validation; instead we will work to enable other parties to meet this need.

VOTE: The next LTS release will be 1.1.1 and the LTS expiry date for 1.0.2 will not be changed.
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