[openssl-project] Release Criteria Update

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Thu Sep 6 22:41:59 UTC 2018

We currently have 8 1.1.1 PRs that are open. 3 of which are in the
"ready" state. There are 2 which are alternative implementations of the
same thing - so there are really on 4 issues currently being addressed:

#7145 SipHash: add separate setter for the hash size

Owner: Richard
Awaiting review (CIs are failing)

#7141 Ensure certificate callbacks work correctly in TLSv1.3

Owner: Matt
Trivial change. Awaiting review

#7139 Remove a reference to SSL_force_post_handshake_auth()

Owner: Matt
Trivial change. Awaiting review

#7114 Process KeyUpdate and NewSessionTicket messages after a close_notify
Alternative implementation for #7058

Owner: Matt
Awaiting review. Anyone?

There 5 1.1.1 issues open - 3 of which should be solved by outstanding
PRS. The remaining 2 are:

#7014 TLSv1.2 SNI hostname works in 1.1.0h, not in 1.1.1 master (as of

We thought we had a fix for this, but the PR in question does not seem
to have solved the OPs issue

#7133 X509_sign SIGSEGVs with NULL private key

Should be an easy fix


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